OK. Here It Goes Again!

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May 15, 2014 by UtahMan&Wife

R5P2D4 [Round 5, Phase 2, Day 4]- Today we begin our first day of Phase 2 500 calorie eating. I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday due to my crazy schedule (full-time day job plus recording week!) but things are right on track. We “survived” our final day of loading and now our bodies feel relieved to just be on P2 eating “clean”. Things are pretty easy from here on out in terms of choices. There aren’t very many. One of the biggest challenges of this phase is the boredom. But, one of the biggest bonuses is also the limitations.


This is simple. Uncomplicated. And, very economical. 2 meats (a list of choices), 2 fruits (orange, apple or strawberries), a couple servings of veggies from a fairly large list of choices [as much lettuce and/or spinach or celery as you want to add in as filler]. We also get 2 free Tablespoons of healthy fats (coconut oil is our go-to mixed with cocoa powder and stevia to create “chocolate delight”) and 1 Tb. of milk. Most people follow the official instructions to add in a couple of grissini sticks or melba toast, but we learned a long time ago that our bodies stall if we eat it, so we don’t bother [besides, they’re expensive and it’s hard to find the ones without added sugars in our area]



“Easy peasey lemon squeezy”; don’t forget the hot lemon water every morning for “breakfast” [added stevia helps make it a refreshing hot-toddy-ish lemonade], and drinking lots and lots and lots of water throughout the day to flush all that fat out!

Here comes the really uncomfortable “total transparency” part of the blog:



Start Weight: 237.3 lbs
Yesterday: 241.3 lbs
Today: 242.2 lbs  = total Load 4.9 lbs – a good healthy load


Start Weight: 173.0 lbs
Yesterday: 174.3 lbs
Today: 173.9 lbs = total Load 0.9 lbs yeah, I actually lost weight overnight after 3 days of loading with tons of fat. I didn’t even gain a full pound overall time. Totally weird. Not for lack of trying.

NOTE: Just for the record, there’s two ways of looking at this.

#1. “See…Weight loss from hCG doesn’t last long-term so I’m not going to do it.”


#2. “See…we regained because we didn’t stick to eating clean, not because hCG doesn’t work. We did not regain ALL of the weight or inches back despite eating “dirty” for quite a long time – we have internalized many many great new habits.The weight crept back slowly, not rapidly like past fab diets we have tried. And, inches have remained much lower than would usually be the case.

This is life. Most people with disordered eating habits face an ebb and flow of weight numbers based on multiple factors such as stress, life circumstances, change, etc. The hCG protocol is awesome because if you follow the rules, it works. It can get us back on track quickly again, and transitioned into healthy clean eating. Each time we do this process we are closer to retraining our brains how to make long-term healthy habits a part of our lives.”

#2 is how we choose to look at this.

Now the real question of the day is: Who doesn’t love watching this silly synchronized music video? That’s serious talent right there, folks. – UM&W

OK. Here It Goes Again



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