HCG Day 6: It’s Like Magic

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August 8, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

Today is R4P2D6. For the uninitiated, that means “Round 4, Phase 2, Day 6”. Yesterday we had BIG losses following our first day of the VLCD (Very low calorie diet). So, what would happen on the scale this morning?


Confession time. I disobeyed my doctor’s advice and exercised last night anyway (I was supposed to wait until the weekend to allow an incision to heal). Oh, well I couldn’t help it! It was just such a perfect night for being outside. Utah has had a blistering summer (hottest on record) but last night we were enjoying the perfect temperature in the low 80s with a cool breeze and a stunning sunset. The trail was calling me.

2013-08-07 20.34.03 cropped

I ask you, How could I NOT have missed that sunset?!

UtahMan and I took the dog and I told myself I would just leisurely walk with them. Of course, that meant I ended up jogging ahead. I was not running full-out, just shuffling along. My “run” pace was at glacial speed, but it felt great to be moving again. I noticed there was definitely sluggishness in my body. Eating only 500 cals, even with the hCG hormone releasing hundreds of fat cals into my blood stream, causes confusion for the body. But, I was surprised how well I was doing; No dizziness or nausea or anything physically weird. I was fine. I only jogged 3 miles. That met my goal for August – a minimum average of 3 miles a day with a total of 100 miles for the month. (I’m already way behind schedule, so I need to get moving and will definitely have to do a long run this weekend!)

My RunKeeper (an app I can’t live without!) says I burned 322 cals last night during my slow-as-molasses 45-minute 3 mile run. My FitBit (love it!) tells me that I exceeded my 10,000 daily step goal, and I burned a total of 2,008 cals for the day.


So, how did all of this extra movement and calorie burn affect my weight loss this morning?

WIFE Starting weight: 154.8 lbs
Load weight: 160.2
Total load gain: 5.4 lbs
Yesterday: 155.9  = lost -4.3 lbs
Today: Day 7 =  153.6 / lost -2.3 lbs

Total Round Loss = -6.6 lbs 🙂

Wow. Burning all those extra cals doesn’t seem to have had an adverse effect at all! In fact, it probably boosted my loss. (we’ll see if it catches up to me tomorrow) After only 2 days I’ve lost all of my loading weight plus I’m 1.2 lbs below my start weight. Whoo hoo! HCG is like magic. It never seems to fail to do what it promises. I have not experienced any serious hunger (in fact, it actually feels hard to eat a full 500 cals). I don’t drink as much water as UtahMan, but I get in at least 9 Cups (72 oz).

In honor of the day, here is a video of “If It’s Magic” by Stevie Wonder. I love this one. It’s timeless. (I actually had the chance to meet Stevie in person and sing with him – and yes, it was magical)! He’s not only an amazingly talented musician, but a very sweet and beautiful human being.


UtahMan Starting weight: 204.2 lbs
Load weight: 212.7 lbs
Total load gain: 8.5 lbs
Yesterday: 207.6  = lost -5.1 lbs
Today: Day 7 =  203.4 / lost -4.2

Total Round Loss = -9.4 🙂

Today is going well. I am still not having much hunger – I have found that if I keep drinking my water (shooting for a gallon a day) I feel pretty full. I just hope nobody wonders what that sloshing sound is when I walk by. 😉

It felt good to go running/walking last night. I noticed this afternoon that my wedding ring is fitting much looser today – but I guess losing over 9 lbs in 2 days will do that.

We did not experience extra hunger from our extra exercise., only thirst (note to selves to bring plenty of water with us next time). We chose a portion of the Legacy Trail with a porta-potty which was handy. It’s still too early for a final judgement, but it appears exercising on HCG is a good thing.


The Utes have been kind of snake-bit in Day 4 of camp—all kinds of bad news today.

  • One of the Offensive Lineman, junior college transfer Carlos Lozano, has quit the team. He has had difficulties keeping his weight down and getting in shape. He probably wasn’t going to see much playing time, anyway.
  • One of their promising young linebackers, sophomore Reshawn Hooker, had his 3rd concussion today and his college career may be over.
  • One of the team leaders, senior Brian Blechen (who would have been a four-year starter this year) may have to take his red-shirt year this season, instead – as he is battling persistent tendinitis in his knees.



1 kg of Spinach leaves separated from the stem...

Natural Constipation Cure = Spinach!: One of God’s greatest gifts, you can’t each too much Spinach. There’s hardly any calories in a huge bowl of the stuff. (It may actually use more calories to digest it, than to eat it). We don’t count it against our veggie allotment for the day – it’s a freebie. Spinach is also high in a million nutrients, including calcium and fiber. Need some daily regularity or to get things moving again? Just include a big spinach salad (2 C or more) for lunch or dinner (try adding your chopped protein + sliced apple pieces with a little Apple Cider Vinegar, stevia and cinnamon for dressing) or simply include a big handful of fresh spinach in your evening stir-fry. Works like a charm.


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