HCG Day 5: Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

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August 7, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

It’s Day 5 of Round 4 on HCG. That means it’s Day 2 of VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet – i.e. eating 500 cals per day). We finished up our 3 days of Loading on Monday, which went well. Wife gained 5.4 lbs and UtahMan gained a whopping 8.5 lbs!

wee wee wee piggyAs one of our British friends likes to say:

“We start our day with a wee and weigh, and then wee wee wee all the way home” 😉

In the USA, we say “pee”. But, “wee” sounds so much more fun and amusing, doesn’t it? And yes, we certainly have been doing a LOT of “wee-ing” lately. That’s always a good sign. We’re staying well hydrated, and there’s only one way to flush out the fat! Since yesterday we still saw Loading weight on the scale, this morning was our first official day to potentially see a loss. The big question was how much of the Loading weight were we going to release? We held our breath and crossed our fingers as we stepped on the scale.


Starting weight: 154.8 lbs
Load weight: 160.2
Total load gain: 5.4 lbs
Today: 155.9  = lost -4.3 lbs

Wikimedia Commons

Woot!! In one day, I lost 77.7% of my Loading gain. That was an exciting weigh-in. Of course, I don’t expect to ever see that kind of loss again, but it’s a great head start on this round.

On Monday I had a doctor appointment to remove a small skin growth. Of course I was weighed, and the office scale showed 164.5 lb. WTH?! Whoa…I sure like my scale better! Since I have a followup appointment next Monday I’m going to have the nurse weigh me again to see if I’m at least down the same percentage on their scale as my home scale. (hmmm…if it’s different, I’m not sure what that will mean?)

The doctor has banned me from exercise for at least 3 days to allow my incision to heal. It’s annoying. But, I guess it’s good timing since it allows my body to settle into the VLCD before hitting it with another major calorie deficit.  So, this weekend I’ll officially begin my exercising with HCG experiment.

Entrance in Henderson, Nevada

Something Random: I found a cute pair of Calvin Klein skinny stretch jeans on sale at Costco last night. Since I couldn’t try them on, I guesstimated I would be at least 1 size up (size 8). Although they feel really comfortable and look good, they are already a tiny bit roomy in the waist and thighs, so I’m taking them back tonight to exchange for size 6. I’m thinking positive here that I won’t have to perform gymnastics on Friday night to pull them on and wear them to an outdoor concert we are attending. Getting the smaller size also ensures they’ll last for at least a few weeks as (hopefully) my inches slide off.

[Vanity Confession: I’m meeting friends who haven’t seen me for a couple of years – back when I weighed nearly 200 lbs – so I admit I want to look my “hottest” for the most stunning impact 😉 ]


2013-08-06 Ute Fall Football Camp

Day 2 Ute Fall Football Camp

Starting weight: 204.2 lbs
Load weight: 212.7 lbs
Total load gain: 8.5 lbs
Today: 207.6 lbs = lost – 5.1 lbs

I have had no hunger – in fact, yesterday I struggled to get to 500 calories – which never happened to me in my previous rounds with HCG. I attribute that to my gargantuan loading weight gain.
Fall Camp started on Monday Aug. 5. There are a couple of sites that have good info and videos – KSL (Crimson Corner) and ESPN 700 AM – the “home of the Utes”. Of course, there’s always the Official Ute Football Website too.

DAY 2 FALL CAMP – “Grip it and Rip it!” 



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