HCG Day 7: Opera Under The Stars With Mustard And Relish

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August 10, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

Friday August 8, 2013: HCG R4P2D7. Its been almost one full week on our HCG Round 4. Today our “resistance” has been tested with cravings, and Wife experienced some intense hunger. Here are today’s results and summary:


Starting weight: 154.8 lbs
Load weight: 160.2
Total load gain: 5.4 lbs
Yesterday: 153.6
Today: Day 7 152.6  = lost -1.0

Total Round Loss = -7.6 lbs 🙂

I don’t work on Fridays so my schedule is completely off from Monday-Thursday, and thus I have a 3-day weekend of “dis-ordered eating” to contend with. Today I got up really early so I could do some worship service, then cleaning house, spending time on the computer, checking the garden, and before I knew it the clock said 3:00 PM and it was time to hurry and get ready to leave for our concert “date night”!

Because of my completely random schedule I allowed myself to forget to eat. I also didn’t get enough water intake, and missed my usual time for my 2nd dosage of HCG at 2 PM (had to take them at 3:30 PM instead). The result of these 3 misdemeanors created the perfect storm for a full-blown hunger attack. After 3 PM, I struggled for the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening.


We got to attend a wonderful outdoor concert near Park City, Utah. The Deer Valley Festival is celebrating 10 years, and tonight they were featuring “Utah Opera In The Open Air” with the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera Chorus joined by fabulous soloists. The weather started out with terribly threatening dark clouds and a chilly wind, but about an hour later the clouds began to clear away, we were treated to a lovely sunset, and it ended up being a perfect night for a summer concert.

Nothing is more awesome and relaxing than listening to great music under the stars!

Utah Opera In The Open Air - with Jerry Steichen Conducting the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera Chorus, and special guest soloists

Utah Opera In The Open Air – with Jerry Steichen Conducting the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera Chorus, and special guest soloists: Celena Shafer, Soprano. Leah Wool, Mezzo-Soprano, Danny Belcher, Baritone and a “mystery tenor” (they said his name, we just can’t remember) replacing the man actually listed in the program…Bravi Tutti everyone!

My “Happy Dance” of the day was getting to attend & enjoy such a beautiful evening of music! The program included some of my personal favorites, as well as some beautiful lesser-known pieces. Well done USUO and soloists! Bravi Tutti!


Don’t Drive Hungry, Phil!

My only trouble was being seriously hungry.

dont drive angryI was craving eating ANYTHING…and, it didn’t help that everyone sitting on the lawn around us was picnicking and snacking on delectable looking and smelling things. I had to constantly resist the urge to grab the bag of chips out of the hands of the stranger sitting next to me and stuff those fried potato skins down my throat! (A sure sign I was off my rocker, since I don’t even like chips!) We had already eaten 1/3 pound lettuce-wrapped burgers for dinner, and I had been drinking lots of water since 3 PM. Still hungry. I drank a protein shake I’d packed, and I ate an apple. Still hungry. I finally gave up and went over to the outdoor grill kiosk. I bought a grilled chicken salad (hold the dressing and croutons) and an all-beef hot dog (hold the bun). I just couldn’t help myself. It all tasted delicious! Then I spent the entire intermission plus the Symphony’s beautiful offering of “Dance of the Seven Veils” running up and down the ski resort’s very steep grassy hill (a great workout by the way) in my sad attempt to burn off some of the hotdog damage. Oh, well. I finally felt satiated. Hooray! I settled back down in my little lawn chair and cuddled up with UtahMan and we enjoyed the concert thoroughly. Although I’m a tad afraid of what the scale will say tomorrow, I’ll just have to suck it up and move forward. It wasn’t normal for me to have the hunger attack. If I had been following my protocol I think I would have been fine. I still plan to run with UtahMan in the morning, too. I’ll just eat a lot more protein afterward and stick much closer to my meal & dosage schedule to try to prevent another hunger attack. (Note to self: pack hard boiled eggs next time!)

Another “Happy Dance” of my day: I fit perfectly into my new size 6 skinny jeans for the concert (the ones I exchanged the size 8 for two days ago in hopes I’d shrink enough by Friday)! Take THAT, Hotdog! 🙂



Starting weight: 204.2 lbs
Load weight: 212.7 lbs
Total load gain: 8.5 lbs
Yesterday: 203.4
Today: Day 7 201.2 lbs  = lost – 2.3

Total Round Loss = -11.5 lbs 🙂

Today was the second day in a row that I’ve done considerable running/walking for the day (>5 miles) and the numbers seem to indicate so far that it hasn’t adversely affected my results.

Friday is always “treat day” at work and the homemade chocolate peanut butter bars smelled delicious. I had to be careful to just stay away from that area of the office. I was asked more than once if I’d eaten one yet – I just respond “I might have one later – I am good for now.” Eventually the bars had all been mercifully eaten, and I was “safe”.


Sophomore linebacker, Reshawn Hooker, suffered his third concussion in less than a year yesterday and he has officially taken medical retirement and will no longer play football – he will, however, maintain his scholarship and be able to graduate.
Senior linebacker and 3-year starter Brian Blechen is considering taking his red-shirt year this year if the tendinitis in his knees, particularly his right knee, doesn’t subside in the next few weeks.
The team is waiting for news on two other fronts: Sophomore linebacker Gionni (pronounced Johnny) Paul has transferred from the University of Miami to the UU and is waiting to hear if he will have to wait a year or if the NCAA will allow him to play immediately due to possible sanctions against Miami. That decision is anticipated to be decided by the end of next week.
The team is also waiting to hear if JC transfer corner-back Tevin Carter is academically eligible to play this year. If so, he will most likely start this year in the secondary.


lemon aidA Natural Metabolism Booster,  Diuretic & Detox = “Cali-Kicker”: We drink one “Cali-Kicker” per day. We prefer early morning/breakfast time. It’s easy to make. In a 20-24 oz. bottle mix the following:

1. Juice and pulp of one fresh lemon
2. 1/3 C. Stevia Powder, or drops to taste
3. Cayenne Pepper (a few shakes, whatever spicy level you enjoy)
4. Fill with hot tap water.
Shake well and sip throughout the morning (shake again in-between sipping if the cayenne begins to settle). Enjoy!


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