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May 19, 2014 by UtahMan&Wife

R5P2D8: The first week of hcg is generally a big boost to the self esteem and very motivational to “keep it up”! We have been enjoying awesome success this past week. Today marks 1 week from starting. I haven’t been good about posting, sorry. I might just need to only post 1 time per week due to my crazy busy schedule. But, I promise to post at least weekly updates this round. And, eventually I hope to add updates from our race reviews.

The good news is that we have GREAT stats to report!

Aside from the occasional cravings which we combat with more water and adding a little extra protein as needed, we have felt good. Both of us have actually been eating around 600-700 calories per day instead of strict 500 and as you can see from the numbers we are doing just fine. Both of us add a few extra ounces of chicken, or a few extra eggs, and we have been adding a LOT of extra veggies (and yes, we mix our veggies in stir fry or salads). We are strict about NO SUGAR, and NO GRAINS. We use lots of Stevia as our sweetener. We also like to substitute more lime juice for lemon, but we also frequently mix lemon & lime together in our water.

ice cube tray-siliconeTIP OF THE DAY: We are “religious” about allowing ourselves 2 TB. of Chocolate Delight each day. It makes an awesome treat for movie nights, or just to look forward to at the end of the day when cravings sometimes kick in.

This round, we discovered silicone mini-ice cube trays. WOOT! These are so awesome for making perfect little bite sized chocolate delight squares, and easy-peasy to pop them out and clean up afterward.



5/12/14 Start Weight: 237.3 lbs

5/15/14 Load Weight: 242.2 lbs

Yesterday: 232.2
Today: 230.6  = -11.6 total loss


5/12/14 Start Weight: 173.0 lbs

5/15/14 Load Weight: 173.9 lbs

Yesterday: 168.5
Today:  166.9 = -7.0 total loss


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