HCG with Exercise: Running a-Round 4


August 3, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

Yep. We have decided to do another round of the hCG Weight-Loss Protocol. In 2012 finding human Chorionic Gonadotropin therapy (hCG) changed (and literally saved) our lives. We built this blog to track our journey to health, which officially began on June 15, 2012. UtahMan did 2 full 40-day rounds and lost 75 lbs, dropping from size 40 waist to 32, and XXL Shirt to Medium. Wife did 2 full 40-day Rounds and 1 21-day short-round and lost 60 lbs, dropping from size 16 to size 6. Our results were phenomenal – not only in pounds and inches lost but also in health improvement and quality of life. UtahMan is off all of his High BP pills and is no longer pre-diabetic. Our cholesterol returned to healthy zone. Both of us no longer suffer from sleep apnea, and all of the myriad problems that come with obesity. We were reborn! Best of all, we have moved forward with our new lives, never returning again to our old unhappy existence and former unhealthy habits! Life is good!

2013.01.01 progress collage

It has now been 8 months for Wife and 10 months for UtahMan since we finished our last hCG rounds. Overall, we have done a really great job of maintaining our new healthy eating habits. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically from being “couch potatoes” to very active “runners-in-training”! But, we have seen some pounds slowly creeping back – (15 lbs for UMan, and 17 lbs for Wife). Some of our weight gain is obviously muscle. We are still wearing the same clothes that we were at our LDW (Last Dosage Weight) in December & January – but the clothes fit differently (i.e. tight & awkward). Our main area of weight gain has been in our bellies and back; they’re flabby. This may be due to: getting out of the habit of weighing ourselves regularly, not watching our portion sizes, relaxing a little on what we eat – allowing just a little too many “hidden sugars” back in, water retention and muscle swelling…etc. We aren’t 100% sure of the reasons, but we think it is a combination of all the factors listed above. Maintaining major weight loss is a learning process. The bottom line is that we have gained some fat back, and before anything spirals out of control, we’ve decided to jump back on the wagon and see what a “maintenance round” will do for us.


Starting Weight UMan = 204.2 ~ UWife = 154.8   ~  Time to get rid of the flab!!

This time around, we know hCG is going to be much different. We are not entering as miserable, sedentary, obese people desperately hoping it might work. We are now entering as extremely happy and active, close-to-healthy-weight people who know that it works. This round will be an “experiment”. It stands to reason we will probably lose slower than past rounds. We have the advantage of understanding the protocol, and of having clean eating habits already established. But, we cannot follow a strictly traditional route because we want to continue with our exercise regimen (hCG protocol traditionally requires very limited movement due to low calorie, low carb intake). We also have our race schedule to keep up…all while still doing the diet!

Because our next half Marathon is actually scheduled for 20 days from now, this experiment will either turn into a shortened 21-day round. Or, we will take a “planned interruption” and then jump back in again to finish out a full 40 days. It really depends on how our bodies respond, how we feel, and how productive we decide it is.

After consulting with our awesome health coach Shawna over at Little Choices Matter, and tuning in to our awesome Facebook Support Group, we have determined the following parameters for this go-around:

  • No strict set calorie limit for the day. We will eat the minimum of 500 cals of course, but we will also feed the hunger and increase calories on exercise days
  • If hungry, we will always add more protein and veggies. We will not increase fats and avoid increasing fruits
  • We will not confuse the body by adding more exercise than we are already used to doing.
  • We will get as much sleep as possible – (adding extra will be needed)!
  • We will add extra water intake to prevent dehydration

In addition to using the drops, this time we are also adding a Cleanse. After reading rave reviews over on the MSD site, we are trying Michaels Ultimate Detox & Cleanse. The Amazon price listed it at nearly $50 for a 2-week package, but Wife checked with our local nutrition store and they not only had it in stock, but it was priced at only $29! Score! We are giving this a little try in hopes of boosting our results.

Saturday Aug. 3, 2013 – R4P2 DAY 1 = LOADING

In keeping with our time honored tradition, today our first loading dinner took place at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY – where there’s an abundant array of fat-rich choices, topped off with…the cheesecake, of course. 🙂

2013.08.03 LoadingWhen our 19 year old daughter heard we were starting hCG again today, she jumped up and shouted “OH YEAH! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU LOAD!!”

We’ve learned from experience that the 1st day loading is the most fun. After that we go downhill pretty fast in feeling overly full, bloated and a bit sick (thus, the Cheesecake Factory always happens on Day 1!).

Yep, the first day of loading definitely rocks. – UM&W

2 thoughts on “HCG with Exercise: Running a-Round 4

  1. EDINA X says:

    wondering if the cleanse is done simultaneously with hcg drops or before?

    • UtahMan&Wife says:

      Hi Edina,
      A cleanse or detox phase is typically done PRIOR to using hCG, however according to the MSD website (see here) you may actually do the “Ultimate Cleanse” BEFORE OR DURING your drops. We opted to begin this cleanse one day before Day 1, so we are now on our drops and doing the cleanse pills at the same time. Thanks for commenting!

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