Utah Valley Marathon 10K 2013: Pain We Enjoyed


July 1, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

On Saturday June 8, 2013 we had the pleasure of participating in the annual Utah Valley Marathon‘s 10K race. This event offers a full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and Kids 1K.

In all of our June madness and excitement of life, we discovered that we forgot to post about it! o_o

Here is a short recap with photos.

1.  THE STUFF: We loved the cool race tech shirts, the medals and other swag.

"Hers" and "His" race tech shirts

“Hers” and “His” race tech shirts

The medals were TOTALLY awesome and 3D. They got larger in size the bigger the race distance. Here are our 10K medals (front and back & swivel shown)

Utah Valley Marathon 10K medals were 3D! (way cool)

Utah Valley Marathon 10K medals were 3D! (way cool)

The tag line of this race makes us smile:

Cool Motto

Cool Motto

2. HOTEL: We stayed at the La Quinta Inn Provo Town Center. These folks went out of their way to welcome the runners! Complete with a sign and extra discounts. The rooms were large and clean, and there was plenty of hot water. Because the management worried runners would not be able to enjoy their free hot breakfast, this hotel decided to provide sack breakfasts starting at 3 am for race participants to pick up! That was Totally awesome, dudes. We highly recommend everyone stay here!

A great place to stay when you're in Provo

A really great place to stay when you’re in Provo

3. RACE DAY: This event is very organized. They’ve got the logisitcs down to a T and they really care about creating a quality experience. We were impressed all day long with how much bang for our buck we were getting. They had staged times for bus pick-ups for each race event. One of the reasons we chose to stay at the La Quinta Inn is that it’s just a half block walk to the race school bus pick-up & drop-off point. So, that meant we could just roll out of bed at the last second and jog over.

At The Starting Line

At The Starting Line

The Marathon and Half Marathon had earlier pick up times than the 10K participants. Wife’s brother and SIL were running the Half and so their race started 1 hour ahead of ours [that ended up being perfect timing. We all crossed the finish line at about the same time]. We were enjoying perfect weather. It started to really warm up and feel hot only about the last 20 minutes of the race, but there were misters along the course you could run through if you liked to cool you off. There were plenty of water stops. (They had promised Popsicles along the way, but we never saw any – not really a big deal) Apparently there was a big brouhaha over missing Port-a-pottys on the race course. Unfortunately, the company the race folks contracted with didn’t deliver them! This issue didn’t effect us since neither of us felt inclined for a rest stop along the way. It was more of an issue with the Marathoners. The course was a steady downhill, and we both got our best PRs ever! (thus, we got to ring the PR Bell after crossing the finish line)


Utah Wife's Collage

Utah Wife’s Collage


Utah Man took 3rd Place in his division!

Utah Man took 3rd Place in his age division! (the 2nd place winner guy was also wearing a UTE cap – that’s the REAL reason we are shaking hands in the pic. GO UTES!)

Wife’s bro and SIL both enjoyed great times during their Half Marathon race, and we were able to meet up within minutes of each other. One of the cool things about this race was the finish line area itself. We got some pretty epic photos at the end with the historic Provo Tabernacle in the background. The Tabernacle was build by the original Mormon pioneers way way back. Sadly, it burned to the ground a year and a half ago, but it is now being restored and will actually be upgraded into a Mormon temple when it is completed.  It will be interesting to see what the Tabernacle looks like in our photos at that point.

Historic photo

Our Historic photo op

We loved this race. It was a positive experience for everyone involved and made a fun weekend get-away. Despite the fact it takes place in Utah Valley (a place we normally avoid due to our natural team rivalry…), we actually plan to come back next year. We will be ready to do the Half Marathon next time!

More Photo Ops

More Fun Photo Ops – WE LOVED THIS RACE!

2 thoughts on “Utah Valley Marathon 10K 2013: Pain We Enjoyed

  1. This looks like an awesome race! 😉

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