Race For Grief 10K 2013

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June 29, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

Today we participated in the 3rd Annual Race for Grief 10K. This event was organized by The Blonde Runner, Coach Lora Erickson, after losing her infant daughter Samantha. The race offers a chance for people from the community to come together for a positive day of remembrance and healing. Proceeds from the race benefit the Utah CARING CONNECTIONS program offered through the University of Utah Nursing department which provides grief counselling, education, hope and support.


Many large family groups with matching T-Shirts could be seen gathering by 7:00 am to participate on behalf of a deceased loved one (the majority were in remembrance of infants or young children). Racers were encouraged to make and bring posters in honor of their loved ones. These tender memorials were hung on a clothes line throughout the park. (here is a slide show of a few)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The event offered a 10K race or a 2 mile walk. Racers were chip timed and started about 10 minutes ahead of walkers so there was no overlap. The 10K course was a simple out-and-back originating at West Bountiful Park and making our way along the Legacy Parkway trail; a fairly new multi-billion dollar investment of Davis County as part of the Legacy Highway construction.

The Legacy Parkway Trail is 14 miles long and is open to pedestrians, bicyclists, and horseback riding; ATVs are prohibited.  There is also a 3-mile pedestrian nature walk along the edge of the Legacy Nature Preserve. – UDOT website

Here’s a screen shot of the race course from Utah Wife’s handy-dandy RunKeeper app. (which she LOVES, btw)

Legacy Parkway Trail File Photo

Legacy Trail File Photo

Utah has been hitting record high temperatures this week, so by our 7:30 am start time it was already tipping 85°F. By the time we were crossing the finish line it was hitting 90°.

[It’s not fun to run in a blast furnace! Just sayin’. But, we persevered.]

Unfortunately, the Davis County Rec Center happened to be hosting a bike race during the same time as our race, and using part of our same trail. This caused a bit of consternation for everyone involved and added heavy traffic for awhile on the Legacy Trail. For the most part, bikers and runners were co-existing well. The folks who seemed to be getting the most cranky were random people who happened to just have chosen the wrong time and place for a casual Saturday run or bike ride! One particularly rude man, slowly making his way along the trail on a classic Schwinn cruiser, kept yelling at us to “Run single file! Run single file!” as he passed… (Um, this is a race, sir. Not gonna happen!)

NOTE: Beginning in 2014. The Race For Grief 10K and 2 mile walk will be held on Memorial Day. We anticipate there will be much cooler temperatures and no bike race traffic!

Other than that little kerfuffle, the race was uneventful. UtahMan and Wife hobbled along. We must admit to having to stop and walk a few times (Wife is especially NOT happy to have to admit that!) There were two water stops provided at approximately miles 1 (5) and 2 (4). We were very appreciative to have them! But, unfortunately due to the heat, we still became terribly dehydrated. So, that didn’t help our time any.

Legacy Trail (stock photo) Our only shady spot of the race course was this tunnel

There were 121 participants registered in the race (91 women & 30 men). UtahMan took 3rd place in his age division – whoo hoo! That makes two 3rd Place Prizes in a row now!! [UMan disclaimer: there were a total of 3 runners in my age division…but, hey, a medal is a medal! But, for the record, Wife crossed the finish line ahead of me]

2013 Race For Grief 10K Collage

2013 Race For Grief 10K Collage

We want to send a big THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to all of those dedicated volunteers who manned the water stations, directed traffic and cheered us on in the blistering heat! Also, THANK YOU to Coach Lora, and for all of the race sponsors! This is a good race for a good cause! We look forward to supporting this event again next year, on Memorial Day! – UM&W

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