Staying Committed: New Challenges New Rewards

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March 6, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

Hi, Wife here with a little update! UtahMan and I are now in the “maintenance for life” phase. This presents interesting new challenges and new rewards.

The Good News: We no longer have the rigid restrictions and requirements of our diet protocol.

The Bad News: We no longer have the rigid restrictions and requirements of our diet protocol.


This is usually the phase that most dieters begin to slip and slide. It’s a phase that I have all-too-often found myself floundering in throughout my life of yo-yo dieting. Since UtahMan has never really dieted and lost weight before, he doesn’t have any “past mental trauma” to overcome. But, either way, we know to remain successful we are learning we have to remain conscious of our choices and committed to making healthy choices each day. Overall, we are really doing great!


UtahMan has been maintaining within an 5 pound radius of his LDW (Last dosage weight) and I have remained within about 5-8 pounds give or take of LDW since Christmas (at one point I got as high as 10 lbs over and freaked out – but it turned out to be hormone/PMS related). The interesting thing about this phase is that we became so programmed to step on the scale every morning and obsess about the numbers during Phase 2 & 3, we are now having to retrain our brains and focus on our size and measurements much more than the numbers. And, in terms of measurements…we have done BEYOND GREAT! UtahMan & Wife both remain the same sizes (in fact, UMan gradually lost another size since October when he ended his hCG protocol). So, even though the numbers on the scale went up, we didn’t have to increase clothing sizes.


We have ramped up our exercise over the last few weeks, and that did cause a gain on the scale. Although we would like to say it is due to massive muscle gain (ha ha), most of it is due to natural inflammation & water weight for now, but exercising does increase our appetites and we have eaten more calories, too.

UtahMan: Is Following an alternating schedule of running and weight training.

English: an exercise of chests


Gotta get hot for the summer!

Running 4 times per week, and alternating workouts with the Supreme 90 DVDs [OK, I really enjoy these workouts! They are very high intensity but short. They take a whole-body CrossFit-type approach and are short enough to endure, but intense enough you really feel the workout afterward!]. Friday is my FAVE workout day: A Spinning Class at the gym! (Note: This particular class is so popular, because the instructor is so good and the workouts are so amazing one has to get there at least 1 hour early in order to save a bike!)

Gold's Gym

Gold’s Gym (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the weather in Utah being pretty cold, and the air quality being so downright NASTY it’s making national headlines (!), we have avoided all outdoor activity and have been using our Gold’s Gym membership (finally getting our moneys worth after paying for over 5 years!). UtahMan enjoys varying his machines. Wife admits to being round enjoying working out in the “movie room” more often than not (hey, working out in the dark, with good air-conditioning and something to distract you from the “pain” of pushing your body has a lot of appeal!).


Some of the rewards we receive for our efforts is to see the progress we are making in our endurance and physical abilities. We are noticing how strong our bodies are getting now, how long we can maintain a high running speed, how much more weight we can life, how greater our lung capacity is and tolerance for pushing ourselves a little longer and harder. We love being able to do this “healthy lifestyle” thing together. We encourage and motivate each other.


motivation-001 (Photo credit: whitehatblackbox)

When one of us isn’t really feeling like changing into our workout gear and going to the gym, the other one says “Come on, no excuses!” and off we go (we take turns with that) Luckily, when one of us seems to be having a “down” day the other one seems motivated! Our 2013 Race-Per-Month Fitness Challenge has been REALLY fun and gives us something to always be looking forward to and training for. We continue to prep our food on Saturday and pre-cook all of our meats, chop our veggies and keep our fridge well stocked like we shared on TV recently. That is one of the biggest keys to our success. Being Prepared! Best of all, we FEEL GREAT! We have energy. We never get ill or have to take a “sick day” from work. Life is simply easier and better to live and enjoy. Bottom Line: IT’S WORTH IT.


We keep on keepin’ on. One meal at a time. One workout at a time. One day at a time. It’s not glamorous. But, it’s so rewarding in new ways. It’s really true: Out of small and simple choices come big and long-term results! If we can do this, ANYONE can. It’s so worth it. – UM&W

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