The Day The Media Invaded And We Tried To Be Cool


January 9, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

How do these things happen? Don’t ask. We certainly can’t say our life is boring. Stressful? often. Busy? Always. But never boring. Here’s the latest.

A TV Crew Came To Our House

Camera Cowboys

On Saturday morning a “TV Crew” (i.e. a reporter and cameraman) came to our house for about 2 hours. We are being featured as part of a half-hour “health initiative special” airing on a local TV station sometime this week (we were told it’s going to be during Prime Time, Friday night). To be honest, we are not 100% sure what the angle of the story is. We think it’s about people who have changed their lives, lost weight and are healthier by making various healthy choices, etc. and we’re the segment representing people who have lost weight eating a “modified Paleo lifestyle” and primarily showing how we prepare our food.

Warning: This is what happens when you lose a lot of weight and you have a TV reporter friend who notices…!! 😛

Of course, if we had been thinking clearly, we would have at least taken a couple of photos for the blog. THAT certainly would have been cool and smart! But, alas, we were not having a particularly “cool and smart” sort of morning, so you’ll just have to take our word for it and use some creative visualization.

Whose Bright Idea Was This?

Initially Wife was the one who thought this was a great idea and agreed to do it, and I hated the idea. But, in the end it was Wife who spent the final 48 hrs before Saturday freaking out, cleaning the house, stressing some more, and wondering what in the world we’d gotten ourselves into. Anyway, of the 2 hrs of footage they will probably only use about 2 minutes or less. Of course, 2 min. is plenty of time to completely embarrass ourselves!…so, we are hopeful the editing is done well and we will at least look and sound coherent. It would be nice if no one who knows us sees this, because if they do know us, then they will also know what a laugh it is that we would be featured as some sort of “health / diet experts”. We’ve decided if it helps even one person to feel motivated and to change their lives for the better then it’s totally worth it. We wanted to show that this is easy.

We didn’t talk about the hCG protocol that we followed this year. The focus of our segment was to show our Saturday “process” for successful healthy eating during the week. Of course, this relates to successful hCG protocol and successful maintenance, so it’s much more universal.

Our “Production”

Chopping Pepper

Chopping Pepper (Photo credit: Another Pint Please…)

The reporter called our processes “quite a production“. That’s really kind of funny, because it doesn’t feel like much of a big deal to us. It’s just a little time investment every week. The process itself is very simple. Every Saturday for the past 7 months or so we have taken a couple of hours to measure and grill up all our meat for the week (chicken, turkey burgers, steak burgers, salmon burgers), boil eggs, cook bacon, and chop all of our veggies and put things in ziplock baggies in the fridge. We also stock the freezer with fish, shrimp and frozen berries.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

That’s the bottom line. Let’s face it, we are all busy people with busy lives. Most of us don’t have time to even think about food until we are suddenly really hungry. Then we desperately grab the fastest things available: pizza, take out, fast-food, candy bars and starches, leftovers in the fridge, grabbing some box of “instant” processed crap in the cupboard, or simply going out to eat and so forth. We personally believe that our “convenience-based eating” in America is the biggest culprit of our obesity epidemic. Before the two of us made all of our changes in June, we estimate our family was eating out or bringing in at least 4-5 meals per week. Imagine how expensive and how unhealthy!! Solution?

Make Your Kitchen A Healthy Convenience Store

Our goal has been to change our kitchen into our own healthy “convenience store”. Hungry? All you have to do is grab some fresh fruit from the bowl on the table, and some protein and veggies in the fridge. There’s always lots to choose from for a snack or a meal. We never have to wonder “what’s for dinner?” anymore, because there are multiple choices at our fingertips. And, there isn’t anything in the kitchen available to eat that is not a healthy Paleo/Primal type item. Not only are we eating healthy, we have saved hundreds of dollars. We are more relaxed. We have more time to sit down and eat together as a family [or as a couple if the kids are not home] every night. So, that was the main message we tried to convey for the TV program, and we hope it comes across in the editing.

Following the hCG diet this year really helped create these good habits. When you’re on P2 (Phase 2) it’s virtually impossible to eat POP (Perfectly on Plan) and eat out. So, it made sense to simply stock our kitchen well, and prepare our food in advance so we wouldn’t be sabotaged.

UtahWife: Just for the record. I didn’t expect to be so nervous! I’ve had experience being on camera before, but this felt different. First of all, when you invite a TV camera into your house, you are basically inviting (potentially) a whole world of strangers in (scary-making, right?). Second, our cameraman was a really nice down-to-earth guy and I really liked him. But, he kept doing all these super close-ups of me mixing eggs, or trying [dreadfully] to simply open a package of bacon. This is going to sound dumb, but two of my fingernails broke off the night before this. There wasn’t any solution. Having close-ups of my hands was really embarrassing  So, I kept trying to hide my fingers, which is probably why I kept being really clumsy.

Our reporter friend asked several very good but unexpected questions that I hadn’t thought about how I would respond to. So, I stumbled all around with my answers and later on thought of all the great and important things  I wish I had said that I didn’t. I’ve never been good as an “off the cuff” speaker. I’d be a complete fail as a politician [come to think of it, there are plenty of politicians with foot-in-mouth disease, never-mind]. But, UtahMan did great! Shout-out to the man! You have to know how ironic that was, because he was the one who was adamantly opposed to doing this when we were first asked. But, there he was, all relaxed and acting like a natural. And, he said some really great things, so I hope they use more of him than me!

The Dog gets his Day

The funniest part of our camera shoot was when they wanted to show us walking our dog Joey.

Meet our extremely happy dog Joey who is definitely the star of the show.

That’s basically all we’ve done for exercise [up to this point], so since this was all about weight loss and being healthy it was obligatory to show SOME kind of movement! The whole event was “staged”, which made it kind of hilarious, and Joey did NOT like that camera in his face! He kept leaping away from the cameraman. We would have to stop, and the cameraman would run up the road and then he would yell “go!” – then we would walk along and pretend we weren’t being filmed – and then he’d yell “stop”. And so forth. It made us bust up laughing, and poor Joey was really confused when we turned around and took him back home after only a block. [Sorry Joey, that was so unfair! But, we did make it up to you later that night].

To Be Continued

IF the clip makes it to the internet, and IF it isn’t too embarrassing  we will post it here on the blog, so stay tuned. In the meantime, let’s keep making healthy choices!



🙂 – UM&W


2013.01.11_KSL Screenshot3

Watch us Sharing our Weight-Loss Tips On TV!

2 thoughts on “The Day The Media Invaded And We Tried To Be Cool

  1. […] a recent post we talked about The Day The Media Invaded and We Tried To Be Cool. [ i.e. a reporter and cameraman came to our house and filmed us "show-and-tell" some of our […]

  2. Workout Music Diva says:

    Would love to see the clip! But you guys are so right…no matter what dietary changes you want to make, you MUST become super conscious about the food you are eating and take time out either daily or weekly as you do to be prepared. It is SOOOOO easy to get caught making easy but unhealthy choices when we’re not prepared. Good message. I hope it came across in your segment tool.

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