Commitment Day: Embracing The Highway To Hell and Other New Year Resolutions


January 3, 2013 by UtahMan&Wife

Happy 2013 Everyone! We started the brand New Year off with a proverbial fitness “bang” by getting up at the butt crack of dawn and braving the frozen tundra to do what any desperate New Year Resolution-er would do . . . run a race.

Yes, we are truly certifiable. And thus it seems overly appropriate and/or ironic that our race was called the “Commitment Day 5K” [otherwise known as the day we all should be committed to a mental institution for attempting to run 3.1 miles in subzero weather on the one day we all ought to be sleeping in”].

  • We arrived 35 minutes [way too] early at the race venue – which meant we unceremoniously huddled in our car trying to keep the circulation going in our fingers and toes while we attempted to psych ourselves up enough to actually get out of the car.
  • We passed time watching all the “real runners” show up – a.k.a. all the people not dressed in 15 layers of clothing [like us], not looking like abominable snow people [like us], and definitely not wearing shoes that wore out three years ago [like ours].
  • We checked our cell phone thermometers every few seconds frantically hoping they would miraculously rise…but, alas, they never budged from 9° Fahrenheit, with a wind chill factor of -2°.
  • We enjoyed a big belly laugh when the song “Highway To Hell” started blaring over the parking lot speakers as we made our way to the starting line…
2013.01.01 cd1

Yeah, we’re total posers. All the “Real Runners” are over there lined up for the event!

And right about then, the improbability of our situation seemed to transcend reality and create this karmic aura….Or, in other words, UtahMan and Wife threw caution [and sanity] to the wind and just laughed ourselves right through the next three point one miles – starting off with the hilariously annoying siren lady [which we took a video of, but can’t get it to attach], and ending up with our brilliant “mad dash” to the finish line [which someone out there took a photo of maybe?] whereupon discovering Wife’s sweaty bangs had turned into little icicles – [seriously cool, huh!?]

2013.01.01 cdfinish

Can you see the icicles in Wife’s hair?

We discovered that we weren’t the only crazy people running around on the road at this time of day on a holiday morning. In fact, there were a whole bunch of other crazy people, and even little kids,  cheerfully submitting themselves to this activity! So, if you can’t fight it, just join it…or, better yet, embrace it!

2013.01.01 cd collage

Sadly, we look really HUGE in these pics because we are seriously wearing more than 10 layers of clothing!

We got some cool swag with this race, including a really nice hard bound journal [in hunter day-glow orange] for writing down all of our daily and weekly goals [“commitments”] in 2013, and some nice T-Shirts (Wife is happily surprised to discover her size small is too big, but sort of bummed she didn’t get the X-Small).

Since the main idea behind this race is to get us to make healthy “Commitments” for the year. . . here’s ours. . . ready?


Yep. That’s our Commitment! And we’re pretty stoked about it.

So, we’re currently looking at all of our options right now for our “2013 Itinerary” and there are a LOT of options (in fact, if we were crazy enough and rich enough, we could do something every week – but we aren’t, so we won’t).

Showing off our new "Commitment" t-shirts

Showing off our new “Commitment” duds

We’re taking any and all suggestions for our itinerary under consideration, so please share your thoughts in the comments. Wife’s only request? SOMETHING WARM IN FEBRUARY! – UM&W

2 thoughts on “Commitment Day: Embracing The Highway To Hell and Other New Year Resolutions

  1. Workout Music Diva says:

    You guys are as hilarious as ever!

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