FitBit[ten], Snow Dog, Mani-Pedi, and More

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November 15, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Hi, It’s Wife here! It’s high time to update this blog, so I’ve decided to sneak in here without UtahMan to give ya’all the scoop:


UtahMan is totally staying on his Phase 3 maintenance and is regulating his weight brilliantly. In fact, he has managed to lose a few more inches thanks to all of the walking he is doing now (curse him!). He has been totally rocking the stats on his new fitness gadget.


I bought each of us a Fitbit Ultra after hearing my boss rave about hers. These cute little electronic devices snap easily on your waistband or bra and are sort of like the tricked-out Star Trekkie version of a pedometer.

fitbit ultra

fitbit ultra (Photo credit: zcopley)

Not only does it track your steps and intensity level digitally, it also has a built-in altimeter to track number of stairs climbed and it tracks your calories burned, plus if you wear it to bed [either clipped to your boxers or in the handy wrist band included], it will track your sleep time, and “sleep efficiency”. I think the best part of the Fitbit is the personal online account “extras” it provides which automatically uploads the data from your Fitbit to your account and creates cool graphs and charts for tracking your progress. You set goals, and your FitBit encourages you with little “messages” that print out on the display, and it awards you “badges” when you reach certain goals. The device is compatible with both iphone, iPad, Android, etc. as well as having the ability to link to your other fitness accounts such as myfitnesspal or SparkPeople (and several others).

UtahMan is Kickin’ A**!

Your online account is created as a social network, so you can “friend” other Fitbit users [and “compete” with them] as well as join support groups [if you like]. Bottom line, it’s very cool. I have to say, UtahMan has fully embraced the Fitbit challenge and the competitiveness in him keeps him doing ridiculous walking marathons on his lunch hour in order to blow me (and my boss and my other friend) off the chart. I can’t keep up with him yet! [grrrrr…but, just you wait]

3. Round 3 for UtahWife. 

This is my first round of hCG without UtahMan joining. He’s reached his goal weight, and I still have a bit more to go (of course). I worried it was going to be a lot harder doing it without him than it’s actually been. He’s been keeping very strictly to eating P3,  never sabotaging me at all, and is super sensitive not to cook bacon in the house (the thing I miss MOST when I’m on P2).

The Scream

The Scream (Photo credit: Vincent Yeh ©)

This round has been much easier physically than the last one (thankfully!) I have the right drops this time, and no hunger pains or cravings. But, it’s been tough psychologically in terms of dealing with the baffling scale. Today is R3P2 Day 17 but I have only lost 4 pounds total from my start weight (ugh)! [ok, 10 lbs if you count losing the load weight, but I always feel like that’s sort of cheating] The scale has been bouncing up and down every day, despite being completely POP. I learned this is perfectly normal when you are on your “final 10“. Although, technically, I am on my “final 20” to reach my official goal weight of 130. But, at this point, if I can reach 140 by the end of this round, I’m just going to be darn happy (23 more days & 9 more pounds to go…can it happen?!)


On the brighter side, I have lost some inches and settled into being able to wear a size 8 pant/dress, and a size Small tops/everything.

Well, Hello, SMALL!! It’s been 15 years since I’ve seen you!

Skinny Jeans

I am still keeping the thrift store in business by taking clothes for donation and buying smaller sizes. I found some really nice designer-brand turtleneck sweaters and wool jacket that all had the original tags still on them but were being sold for like $3 each (score!). When I found a pair of size 8 designer skinny jeans that were so cute on the rack, I decided to see if I could squeeze them on thinking there was NO WAY they were going to fit…and, guess what? Yep. FIT! (woot!) I really do need to take my measurements…



It was the big #49-er on Saturday November 10th for UtahMan. He got his fondest wish waking up to fresh Christmas-sy snow…and lots of it! An unexpected storm left our mountain with 32″ in less than 24 hours! We estimated our yard got at least 29″. For better or worse, it looks like we will be getting some exercise shoveling. UMan went out to knock all of the snow off of our trees to try to prevent losing branches.  Our dog Joey LOVES to play in the snow, so he couldn’t wait to get out there, of course UtahMan LOVES to tease that poor dog! Here’s a little video I shot of my “two boys” playing.


For his birthday lunch, we went to IN-N-Out Burger [we always get our burgers Protein Style with no sauce. They’re totally POP – oh yeah baby!]. And, look at the cute decoration those employees created at the entrance. I love this place!


I took advantage of the feel-good happiness created by the snow and the burgers to convince my man that he really needed some pampering for his Birthday!


AS TURKEY TIME APPROACHES: The good news is that this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will held be at my Aunt’s house and I don’t have to do any cooking. The bad news is that this year’s Thanksgiving is at my Aunt’s house…and the food is always delicious [and completely off-protocol]. 🙂

I plan to take a P2 friendly Salad, and fill up my plate with salad and turkey. However, I do reserve the right to have a little taste of some of my favorite holiday foods, if I choose.  – Cheers! Wife

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