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October 22, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Our maintenance Phase 3 is going along smoothly. It appears that our bodies have decided to stabilize slightly higher than our LDW (last dosage weight) but we have both decided to just accept it and be glad that we are stabilizing and move forward.

[Wife = 153.0 lbs. and UtahMan = 191.5 lbs.]

Our 2 “early adult” daughters are growing up and busy with their individual lives. Age 21 is pursuing her higher education + working and would like to do some extended church service. Age 18 is starting to settle down into her Freshman year at College. She’s learning to balance the dorm + social life with her studies + homework. [and we are pleasantly surprised with her new maturity]. What all of this means for us, is that in a few short months [weeks?] we will become true “empty-nesters”; i.e just the two of us living full-time in our house. A house that is already feeling much larger than we really need, and much larger than we prefer to have to keep clean. There’s going to be so many unused bedrooms and open space! What are we going to do with all of it? We are entertaining many ideas

  • Repaint (definitely) & remodel (when we win the lottery)
  • Possible home gym.
  • Move the family office / computers in the basement to an upstairs room
  • Guest bedroom? (who will actually be “guesting”?)

It’s weird how life has suddenly passed by us so quickly. We woke one morning, looked in the mirror, and saw “middle age suburbanite” staring back. *silent scream*


Scream (Photo credit: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK)

Having our new healthy lifestyle / weight loss / fitness goals in common has provided the perfect distraction for our “change of life” transition. We have this exciting new passion to share together and, according to our daughters, spend way too much time talking about it.

Holding Hands shadow on sand

Holding Hands shadow on sand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, we admit, it’s often become the only thing we talk about these days; health articles confirming benefits of weight loss lowering blood pressure, information about Fighting Cancer with Food and how certain foods effect cancer (such as cancer cells feeding on sugar, or lactose forming a protective barrier around cancer cells). The Paleolithic Diet for Cancer as part of treatment is picking up speed. We talk about Paleo recipes we want to try out. We talk about books we want to read. And, we share stories about who just noticed today how much we’ve lost and asked us what we’ve been doing…etc., etc., etc.

We’re trying to keep all of this scintillating conversation to ourselves and not to become complete bores “building castles in the sky” to the classic serenade of Bill Withers….



(yes, we are still rooting, despite the sucky season)

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