Autumn Leaves, Sweaters and Other Changes


October 9, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

It’s another beautiful Fall day in Utah! We had a marvelous weekend enjoying the beauties of nature, spending time with friends and family and enjoying some inspirational messages during our church Conference. On Friday, we took a drive up the canyon above our house. On Saturday we walked the dog a ways up the trail. Wife snapped this shot of the beautiful colors painted against the blue sky. We feel so spoiled being able to live in such a beautiful place!

“Autumn; The Year’s Last, Loveliest Smile” – William Cullen Bryant

The air has suddenly turned chilly at night, and the days have grown shorter. It’s dark and cold now when we wake up to “wee and weigh”. On Monday morning a frost killed off most of the garden except for a few hardy tomatoes – so, as much as we hate to do it, we must bid a fond farewell to our lovely fresh summer produce. It’s definitely time to bring out the sweaters & mittens and cook up a pot of some hot (sugar free) cider! 🙂

And, since we are changing out the seasons, we might as well change out our wardrobes (time to visit the thrift store again!), and change from Phase 2 into Phase 3. Ahhhhh….changes can be so much fun! We really look forward to changing up our calories and eating all those yummy eggs and bacon again!


UtahMan – Round 2 Final Stats (10/5/2012)

Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5 lbs.
Round 2 Load Weight: 221.2 lbs
LDW: 190.2 lbs.
Total loss on Round 2: Pre-load 26.3 lbs.

Total loss on Round 2 Post-load = -31.0 lbs.

July 15, 2012 Round 1 Starting Load Weight: 254.0  /  Start BMI: 34.4

TOTAL CHANGE Since June 15th, 2012  = -63.8 lbs. / New BMI: 25.8

LDW: 190.2
Today’s Weight: 190.7

I transitioned into P3 on Saturday. I’m enjoying eating lots of variety of meats and veggies again! This Phase 3 I’ve been ramping up my exercise. I am not going to worry as much about the scale as I am about my inches. I’ve been walking the dog every night, and walking during breaks at work. I also have introduced some light weight lifting. This means that I will need to increase my calories, which is always a little difficult coming off of eating only 500 cals. So, I’m playing with these changes. I have noticed I am now on the 5th and last hole of my 36″ belt, and I am wearing size 34 pants now very loose. It’s pretty amazing. The inches are still sliding off.

Unboxing: Fitbit Ultra

Unboxing: Fitbit Ultra (Photo credit: Rain Rabbit)

One thing I’m excited about that I think will really help the process is a new gadget that Wife’s boss actually told us about called the FitBit Ultra  . It’s a wireless device that you clip to your pocket, belt or bra and it monitors your movement, exercise, calories burned and even your sleep patterns at night and stores and saves your data to a website account where you can work on increasing your progress. From all the reviews we have read, this little thing has an amazing motivational effect on users! According to people on our chat group, and Wife’s boss, it really does deliver what it promises, and more. It also syncs to calorie tracking programs such as,, (and several others) so that you can track all the calories going in and out, all rolled into one cool dashboard. Also, it works as a social network. Anyone else who has a fitbit account can be your “friend” and you can build your own teams and support groups. 🙂 Sounds really cool, huh? We found a steal of a deal on a site called and we can’t wait for it to arrive! We will be sure to review the product here once we’ve used it.



Wife – Round 2 Final Stats (Day47, 10/9/2012)

Round 2 Start Weight:166.5 lbs.
Round 2 Load Weight: 172.5 lbs
Today’s Weight / LDW: 151.2 lbs.
Total loss on Round 2: Pre-load 15.3 lbs.

Total loss on Round 2 Post-load = -21.3 lbs.

July 15, 2012 Round 1 Starting Load Weight: 192.8  /  Start BMI: 34.1

TOTAL CHANGE Since June 15th, 2012  = -41.6 lbs. / New BMI: 26.8

I extended this round of P2 in order to try to drop into the “next decade” (i.e. the 140s) before having to transition off and do a month of maintenance. I pushed it really hard, and actually lucked out and dropped a whopping -1.4 lbs just this morning! I’m going to fall just short of my goal. This was really frustrating me, but I decided I need to just “let it go”! I mean, although I didn’t lose as much as I wanted to or could have on this round, I still lost over 15 lbs and I’m only about 15-20 lbs away now from my final goal weight. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – and although I don’t have my goal body, I am very pleased with the body I do have right now!

Today needed to be my LDW (Last Dosage Weight) so that I can do my final three P2 days w/o drops and then be able to ramp up my calories and eat bacon and eggs with UMan this weekend! We have a fun little “romantic get-away” planned to celebrate that we are both looking forward to. 😉

Overall, I’m feeling really pleased with being able to end this Round strong. Unfortunately, it was a much harder round than it had to be due to using the wrong drops. But, I’ve “lived and learned” from the experience. I can’t believe how great I’ve felt ever since switching back to the original drops from Round 1. Whew! Oh, well. On my next round I’ll be sticking exclusively to the original drops and I know I’ll do well. I might even reach my goal by Christmas! But, in the meantime, I’m going to remember the wisdom of Pooh Bear to enjoy each “today” as my “favorite day”! Life is such a gift.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves, Sweaters and Other Changes

  1. What drops are better? what ones are wrong?

    • UtahMan&Wife says:

      Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for reading! As for your question:
      1. It is important to ensure your drops are coming from a reputable company with proven results.
      2. The formula needs to be at least 6x,12x,30x,60x
      3. We have used the original formula of Miracle Skinny Drops (with alcohol) with the highest success. (their non-alcohol version called “Metabolism Drops” worked OK for UtahMan but did not work at all for Wife). If there is ever any question on what to order or what will work best for your body, you should definitely contact the company. They have wonderful customer service and are very trustworthy! They also offer a free online support group (priceless!) found here.
      Happy Journey!

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