Round 2 Update and Photos

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October 1, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Time to play “catch-up” here on the blog. There’s been a lot of family events lately, including funerals, birthday parties, a road trip, and a wedding. Today is DAY 39 of our 40-day Round 2. Since a photo is worth more than words, here is a side-by-side we created last week. This shows how we looked before we knew about hCG and how we looked on Saturday Sept 22nd. (thumbs up for trying to “pose” to match the other photo!)


And here is our latest (fully clothed) photo taken just two days ago at the family wedding.


As you can see, hCG has made a huge difference in our bodies and in our lives!

We still need to post our inches lost as well as our pounds. We’ll do that soon. As you can tell, we have lost a LOT of inches and clothing sizes.



Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5
Load Weight: 221.2
Yesterday:  192.2 lbs
Today: 192.5 lbs. up +0.3

Total Lost This Round So Far: Pre-load: -24.0  / Post-load: 28.7 lbs

**June 15, 2012 Start Weight:  249.4   Total Lost on hCG = 56.9 lbs!!

I’m looking forward to Phase 3 and finally getting to eat eggs and bacon and additional foods.

The thing I’ve learned during this last little bit is to try not to get extremely caught up in the numbers on the scales. It’s important to remember all of the inches we have lost. Being able to buy clothing in sizes I haven’t worn since college is pretty amazing. Wife even bought me these “skinny shirts” that are fitted and have some spandex in them. It really accentuates the inches that I have lost and how my “Santa belly” is gone. I never thought I would actually go from a size XXL shirt to a size Medium. I never imagined I would throw out so many pants, and keep shrinking from a size 42 waist to a 34. And I never would have believed all of this could happen in just over 3 months, since June 15th, during two 40-day Rounds of hCG. It’s a bit surreal, like a dream I’m going to wake up from any minute now.

Wife has been really discouraged lately, and I hate that. First, because even though she still has pounds she can lose, she still looks amazing. Second,  it makes me feel kind of guilty for reaching my goal weight. I start wishing I would gain a little back or something. What should probably be a BIG celebration has a bit of a damper on it right now. I’m trying to “lay low” not call a lot of attention to myself. It’s just that whenever people see me, there’s such a dramatic difference they really notice.




Round 2 Start Weight: 166.5
Load Weight: 172.5
Yesterday: 156.4 lbs
Today: 155.9  lbs  down -0.5 lbs

Total Lost This Round: Preload:  – 10.1  lbs / Post load: – 16.6 lbs

**June 15, 2012 start weight: 187.2 lbs / Total Lost on hCG = – 31.3 lbs!

Round 2 has been extremely difficult. Miserable. Hellish, actually. I’ve been up and down and up and down so many times with the weight and every time I show a loss, it’s been likely to jump up the next day with no real explanations. The worst part of Round 2 has been the constant hunger. And, if I happen not to be hungry, then there is the weight gain. What’s going on?! Well, I have finally determined for myself that it’s been the drops. I tried a new kind this round. That was a mistake. It’s a bit of a no-brainer that if something is working well for you, YOU DON’T CHANGE. But, these new drops didn’t have any alcohol, and were being reported having “great results!” Well, they worked for UtahMan, so I kept thinking there must be something wrong with ME, not with the drops. But, on Friday we got our new shipment of the original drops (by the time I ordered my next set, I decided to try the originals again). Sure enough, since taking the original drops I’ve been restored to my old self again – NO hunger, no cravings, clear mind and increased energy and almost a 2 lb drop since taking them. My weight loss on this round has been dismal. Only an 8 lbs loss as of Friday in for a long round is ridiculous. Especially compared to how I did last round. I expected to lose less than last round, but I did expect to lose at least 15 lbs. (pre-load). I let the company know. I hope they will tell people that the different drops create different reactions in people, and help advise people on the website which drops would be best to purchase.

I’ve felt really discouraged and sad about this. Yes, I have lost weight. But, as you can see, UtahMan looks STUNNING, and has lost a BUTT LOAD of weight. In fact, he looks so stunning, he makes me look chubby standing next to him now. The worst blow came this weekend when my Mother-in-Law was praising UtahMan and raving over how incredible he looked and then she turned to me and said “you look like you’ve lost a little weight, too. But you have a lot more to go.”

Yes. She seriously said that.

So, I said: “I’ve actually lost 30 pounds”

She replied: “Oh! You have?!”

Well, what do you say to that? CAN’T YOU TELL?!? Obviously not when my skinny husband is in the room. x_x

So, am I happy for my Man? Yes. How can I not be happy? He’s slim. He’s healthy. His blood pressure is normal for the first time. I am so proud of him for going on this journey with me and diligently sticking with it.

Am I mad? Yes. How can I not be a little mad? I guess annoyed is a better word for it. Especially when people go on and on and on praising him and I stand there like chopped liver. I’m discouraged that I’ve had to work equally hard (much harder, actually) for less than half the results. Now he gets all the praise and glory.

Am I whining? Yeah, I guess I am. It’s not attractive.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Instead of ending the round tomorrow, I am going to keep taking the new bottle of drops that I got on Friday and continue with Phase 2 eating. I will continue for at least one more week, or until I lose 6 more pounds and get myself solidly into the 140s. I want to at least be in the 140s when I go through the 3 weeks of maintenance. That would mean I only have about 25 more pounds to get to my goal. UtahMan has surpassed his original goal so he will probably not do any more hCG. I hate being a “party pooper” on him. He deserves to celebrate and be celebrated!

I just need to learn more patience and keep pushing forward. I know I can get to my goal! I just hope it can happen SOON. Preferably before December.

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