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September 19, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

We have to admit, it’s been a little harder to keep up here! We did pretty great during our first round posting something every day, but after 3 months we are in danger of becoming slackers [not that anyone but ourselves actually reads this blog…but it’s the principle of the thing). We are happy to report that we’re still “in the game” and our weight is “eas[ing] on down the road”. (Remember that Michael Jackson/Diana Ross “classic”?]

The latest:

  1. Utah Runnin' Utes athletic logoThe Not-So-Good: We didn’t measure or take photos on Saturday. That makes several weeks in a row now we have said we will do this but haven’t gotten around to it. Hopeful for this week.
  2. The Good: We are still losing and “re-distributing”. Our clothes keep getting looser and need to be dropped off at the Good Will (then we go inside and find a few new things – they’re starting to know us on a first name basis). People are noticing all the time and we get lots of compliments. UtahMan is down over 50 pounds in 3 months! Wife is down nearly 30! The hCG protocol is totally awesome.
  3. The Great: UTES won against BYU on Saturday 24-21! ūüôā


Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5
Load Weight: 221.2
Yesterday:  199.1 lbs
Today: 198.2 lbs. down -0.9

Total Lost This Round So Far: Preload: Р18.3  / Postload: 23.0 lbs

**June 15, 2012 Start Weight:  249.4   Total Lost on hCG = Р51.2 !!

Cover of "The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram...

Cover via Amazon

I’ve been thinking about doing a short Round 3. According to most of the charts, I can still lose 10-15 more to be in the most ideal range for my age and height. Wife is not keen on doing another round by herself (understandable).

I’ve been reading the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson of MarksDailyApple.com fame. I’m really enjoying reading all of his ideas and I think this will make a great transition from hCG.



Round 2 Start Weight: 166.5
Load Weight: 172.5
Yesterday: 158.8 lbs
Today: 158.5  lbs  down -0.5 lbs

Total Lost This Round: Preload:  -8.0  lbs / Post load: -14.0 lbs

**June 15, 2012 start weight: 187.2 lbs / Total Lost on hCG = -28.7 lbs!

It’s been such a crazy busy month, and this week is especially hectic with extra rehearsals and a mini-tour on Friday to Idaho and back. THAT will be a long day, filled with “boxed lunches” and “snacks” that will be served that I cannot eat. So, I need to figure out some tricks on how I’m going to stay POP! (sadly I cannot eat nuts, or I would pack a bag of Mac Nuts) I’ll ask the support group for ideas. Probably going to eat a lot of apples!

Needless to say, I’m tired. Not getting enough sleep has been effecting the scale with stalls and very small movement. But, I lost 0.5 today so I’m hopeful I’ve turned a corner. I did an Apple Day on Sunday that really helped re-boot myself.

I noticed today that I am no longer hungry or suffering emotionally /¬†hormonal. I’m doing well. One of my co-workers asked for all the info and wants to do the protocol. That would be cool. I love getting a “convert” ūüôā hCG really is awesome. The program is simple and basic in principle. But it’s not “easy” to stick with it because it requires making big mental and emotional changes – basically we have to “rewire” ourself on how to think about food. And ,we have to learn how to live in a world where the majority of people do not eat healthy and often do not serve anything that we can safely eat.

Hawaiian woman

Everywhere I look now I see people eating CRAP. It’s become a way of life for the collective to stuff in chemicals, toxins, and non-food stuff labelled as “food”. It’s no wonder Americans are SO FAT!

Just today the news reports: Obesity in the U.S. expected to be the standard by 2030. The stats quoted

“If we could reduce the average adult BMI (body mass index) and thus lower obesity trends by a mere 5 percent in each state, we could save billions of dollars in health spending”

How bad does this crises have to get before REAL CHANGE happens? Will it change, or will we all keep bloating up until we pop and die? Sadly, our government funds and promotes CRAP food (General Mills = Evil). So, change is going to have to come one-by-one.

Junk food copy

And sadly, people are lost in the sea of diets that fail and expensive exercise programs that exhaust but bring no results. The problem is, we have to learn how to “eat clean”, avoid the supermarket aisles, and learn to say “no” to most everything everyone else is happily stuffing into their mouths at every party, event, meeting, social, holiday…you name it. What we need a revolution. People rising up en masse to stop buying junk and start buying fresh fruit, veggies, meats. The only problem is, people are too tired, sick and suffering with their obesity & complications to be able to revolt! It’s frightening.

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