Crossing The Finish Line Together

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September 14, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Today we received a few photos from our 5K race last Saturday. That was such a great day! It’s fun to actually have a photo of the whole family preparing to cross the finish line together. 🙂

Being able to do things like this as an entire family is the coolest! 🙂

When you think about it, there’s some nice symbolism and “meaning-of-life” things you could apply to this photo.

The two of us feel like our weight loss and fitness journey is really like being in a race. We aren’t in it to compete against anyone else – we’re just in this thing with the goal to cross the finish line together, and to make important improvement and memories along the way. This week we got another good glimpse of how much we have accomplished already, and how much closer we are to our goals. The most important thing is that we are making lots of small changes that will add up for a lifetime of success. We are learning a lot about nutrition and about ourselves along the way. Best of all, we are able to do things like that race together as a an entire family! We hope our new health habits will make a positive difference in our kids lives.



Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5
Load Weight: 221.2
Yesterday: 202.7 lbs
Today: 201.2 lbs. down -1.5

Total Lost This Round So Far: Preload: -15.3  / Postload: -20.0 lbs

**June 15, 2012 Start Weight:  249.4   Total Lost on hCG = 48.3!!

Tomorrow night is the big annual “Holy War” between The University of Utah vs. Brigham Young University.

This year the “rivalry” is really a bit lack-luster since the UU have now been exalted into the PAC-12 and BYU went Independent (i.e. “irrelevant”) last year. However, for the sake of all the die-hard haters on each side, we’ll go ahead and play each other for the all-important bragging rights. Wife and I personally can’t stand BYU – especially their ultra-fans (“Zoobies”) who are a bunch of fair-weather whiners. When their team is winning they profess it’s a sign from God they’re the chosen ones. But, when their team is losing they are screaming that the referees are evil, and/or that their players must not be living righteously enough. [That’s seriously lame, people]. Last year we blew them completely out of the water with our 54-10 win [dubbed “The Nightmare” by BYU fans] . We are more than happy to stir up some more “nightmares” this year! We have home advantage, and our fans Kick A**! I predict a win for the Utes, and another bunch of whining Y-ners hanging their heads as they go back “down South”.

(yep folks, them thar’s fightin’ words)

Kickoff will be at 8:15 p.m. MT broadcast live from Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City on ESPN2.

Only 1 Day Until Kickoff! GO UTES!!



Round 2 Start Weight: 166.5
Load Weight: 172.5
Yesterday: 160.4 lbs
Today: 159.5  lbs  down -1.4 lbs

Total Lost This Round: Preload:  -7.0  lbs / Post load: – 13.0 lbs

**June 15, 2012 start weight: 187.2 lbs / Total Lost on hCG = 27.7 lbs!


Rice-Eccles Stadium

Rice-Eccles Stadium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FINALLY I have crossed over into the 150s!! WOOT! (Let’s hope it’s downward from here and no more bouncing) This is a huge relief. I have 29 more pounds to reach my goal weight.

Most of the pain from our car accident has faded now. There’s some twinges here and there in my back, and a dull ache if I sit too long, but other than that, I’m healing up well. I’m just so thankful that it was a minor accident! This morning an insurance adjuster came to the house for me to sign a bunch of papers and take photos of our car. I assume the whole thing will be resolved pretty soon, and we can put it behind us. (I hope this means we are “pre-disastered” for any future car wrecks)

I’m definitely going to take our measurements and new photos tomorrow!


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