Our Car Accident

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September 12, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Yesterday we got in a car accident on the way to work. Basically, it was a wake-up call on how things can change in a blink of an eye. We were just minding our own business stopped at a red light when a woman lighting up her cigarette behind us wasn’t watching the road and rear-ended us. Neither of our cars seemed to sustain any significant damage, but WIFE got whiplash and a bad backache.

Roadsign - Seatbelt

All of us were wearing our seat belts. For some reason Wife’s seat belt didn’t seem to tighten up and hold her tight like it should (maybe when you are hit from the rear, it doesn’t always engage properly?). So, she was thrown forward and back pretty violently in her seat and she had a lot of pain. For “precautionary” measures, the police called for EMT, and an ambulance arrived with its lights and siren going (lots of excitement!) and carted Wife off to the hospital where they poked and prodded, took lots and lots of X-rays and we waited, and waited and waited….

The ER was PACKED! Every room was filled and some people were lying on beds in the hall waiting for a room. What’s up with that?! Normally, it’s a pretty quiet little community hospital. Do you think it had anything to do with being the anniversary of 9/11? We kind of wondered if it was some sort of “September 11 curse” or something.

spine here

Evenutally the doctor came and told us that it looked like four of Wife’s vertebre were compressed and possibly fractured! Not cool. We decided to send her for a CAT scan, which came back showing that there was actually NOT a fracture (whew!). Instead, it was diagnosed as a “cervical strain”, and they wrote up a bunch of pain meds and sent us home.

In the end, we spent 5 hours of our morning dealing with all of this, Wife had to go to bed after the hospital adventure and missed a full day of work, and I missed a half day of work. We are grateful that we have auto insurance and health insurance and that the woman who hit us has insurance, so I suppose financially it will all get sorted out eventually. In the meantime, we are glad it wasn’t more serious! Our service message of the day is:


R2P2D20 Stats


Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5
Load Weight: 221.2
Yesterday: 204.0 lbs
Today: 202.7 lbs. down -1.3

Total Lost This Round So Far: Preload: -13.8  / Postload: -18.5 lbs

**Total Lost on hCG since June 15, 2012 = 46.7 lbs

I’m getting really close to crossing into the 190s which I haven’t been in for at least 20 years. (Cool) Since I’ve already told you about the accident, I guess I won’t rehash that.

The "U" logo used by the University ...

The “U” logo used by the University of Utah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only to say that I’m very glad that Wife was not more seriously injured! Sitting in the Emergency Room for 5 hours is really, really boring. I spent most of the time checking up on Football stats and reading articles about The Utes. Since it is “rivalry week”, there’s a lot of smack going on between the Ute fans and BYU Cougar fans. I really haven’t been able to get into the whole “rivalry” thing this year. It seems a moot point since we aren’t even in the same conference any more, and the Cougars have a lot more to prove than we do. I predict that Utah will WIN, (as long as last Friday’s embarrassment is done and buried). We have the home advantage, and it’s BYU’s first away game. This is going to be an ESPN2 game, which makes it easy to watch and root from home.



Round 2 Start Weight: 166.5
Load Weight: 172.5
Yesterday: 161.5 lbs
Today: 160.4 lbs  down -1.1 lbs

Total Lost This Round: Preload:  – 6.1 lbs / Post load: – 12.1 lbs

Total Lost since June 15, 2012 = 26.8 lbs

The car accident was not a fun way to start our day. I was mortified when the ambulance arrived with full siren and lights.

English: cartoon version of an ambulance

And, that is my first official ride in an ambulance all strapped into a gurney as a patient (they did the whole neck brace thing and everything -wish we’d gotten a photo!). The worst part of it all is how much I still hurt and ache. But, there is actually an “up side” of the whole thing I guess. I’ve lost my appetite. I assume that is due to the pain and the pain killers. So, now I don’t have to complain any more about being so hungry. I just have to remember to EAT.  I also lost over a pound last night – although I don’t recommend the “weight loss by injury” plan. Anyway, the good news is that it appears at this point I’m not permanently damaged. UtahMan was driving yesterday, and he didn’t get injured at all. And, our car didn’t get permanently damaged either (although I kind of wished it had so we could have gotten a new bumper out of it, since I backed into a pole a few weeks ago and scratched it…oh, well – can’t have it all!) I’ve been sitting in my chair at work all day typing at the computer and I’ve developed a bad neck-ache. Time to go home and enjoy some pain meds and chocolate delight.


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