Surviving a 5K and a Giant Colon

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September 10, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

It’s been awhile since we last blogged. We have lots of things to report.

The Fun Updates:

  1. R2P2D18 (Round 2, Phase 2, Day 18) We’re hitting 2 1/2 weeks on Round 2 of our hCG diet protocol (almost half way). So far, UtahMan has lost a freaking amount of pounds and inches and is looking noticeably slender and sexy (written by Wife). Everywhere he goes people keep asking him what he is doing. He has decided just to say he’s cut out all sugar and grain and focuses on meat and veggies (100% true). He usually skips talking about the hCG because we are both tired of explaining and/or defending. If someone sincerely wants to know the details of our program, then we happily tell them.
  2. We ran/walked a 5K (3.1 mile) race on Saturday as a family; the 3rd Annual “Run In Rythum” 5K for Afib Awareness. This happens to be a cause “close to our heart” (bad pun intended) because Wife had a successful ablation for Afib 5 years ago. We enjoyed the fresh air, perfect sunny Fall weather, and the scenic race course that criss-crossed through the beautiful University of Utah campus. 🙂 This event was FREE, done in conjunction with the annual Utah Wellness Fair (also Free) held at the UU Rice Eccles Stadium. U of U + Fitness + FREE = Total Awesome-ness.

As you can tell our kids were less than enthusiastic about getting up early on a Saturday morning. (We are such mean parents) But, we’re happy to report that once they got going they actually had a great time! (and the Free T-shirts were cool)

Here are some Random Wellness Fair Highlights:

The Giant Heart

The kids loved the giant heart! They went through it several times.


The Giant Colon


Who knew giant inflatable body parts could be such a hit?!

The Not-So-Fun Updates:

  1. Wife: after 18 days, I am still struggling with hunger and hormones. I often feel like bashing someone’s head in, and/or can be found screaming/crying/pouting/fill-in-the-emotion (written while UtahMan stands a safe distance away)
  2. The Utes LOST to the non-Pac12 underdogs Utah State Aggies in overtime with a score of 27-20 on Friday (WTF?!?) OK. We really don’t have anything pleasant to say about it. There was a frustrating ref call at the end of the game we could rant about…but, Wife would like to point out that the Aggies played the better game and deserved to win (UtahMan begrudgingly concedes). Therefore, we can only hope our team has been sufficiently shamed to pull themselves together for this week’s big BYU-Utah rivalry game, aka “Holy War”. (Got that, Whittingham?) NEWSFLASH: It was reported today that quarterback Jordan Wynn, who suffered a shoulder injury during Friday’s game, has decided he will no longer play football. There will be a lot of talk and speculations about that decision!

In summary: Lots of silver linings and random fun stuff, but things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine at our house.

We are planning to take some progress photos and measurements later today. Stay tuned.


Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5
Load Weight: 221.2
Yesterday: 204.4 lbs
Today: 204.0 lbs.

Total Lost This Round So Far: Preload: -12.5  / Postload: -17.2 lbs

**Total Lost on hCG since June 15, 2012 = 45.4 lbs

I now weigh less than I have in over 18 years. My bulging stomach is finally gone, and I’m in a new BMI bracket. Today I noticed how long my neck looks. I assume it isn’t actually longer, but since it is not so wide any more, it looks longer. Yesterday I was able to wear a pair of dress shoes to church that always used to be too tight. Now they fit great. Weird, huh? Unlike Wife, I’m rarely hungry. I get cravings, but drinking tons of water seems to help. I have a lot more energy now, and I’ve been walking the dog every night. Doing the 5K walk/run thing on Saturday was really fun with the fam. I only walked it, because I didn’t want to mess with burning too many calories on Phase 2 (and in all honesty, I’ve never liked running).



Round 2 Start Weight: 166.5
Load Weight: 172.5
Yesterday: 163.0 lbs
Today: 161.9 lbs  down -1.1 lbs

Total Lost This Round: Preload:  – 4.6 lbs / Post load: – 10.6 lbs

Total Lost since June 15, 2012 = 25.3 lbs

I’m adding our “Total Lost since June” thing (Round 1 + Round 2 losses so far) in an attempt to make me feel better. Unfortunately, I don’t feel much better. I know I should. Losing 25 pounds overall is awesome! But, I still feel like bashing someone’s head in (preferably anyone who makes a huge fuss over UtahMan’s fantastic weight loss transformation while completely ignoring me – like I still look like a fatty?!).


My emotions and hormones are all out of whack. Right now I’m pissed off. In an hour, I’ll think I’ll be laughing at how stupid I’m being. The hour after that, don’t look at me cross-eyed or you’re likely to lose your head! Did I mention I’m a whack-job? Phase 2 sucks.

Yesterday I tried doing an “apple day” to reset my body and clean all the crap out of my system from the weekend. To clarify what the “crap” was: Friday night we went to Iggys Sports Bar. I was starving of course, so I ate 1. an order of grilled chicken fajitas – no tortillas or rice (just the grilled stuff) but I ate nearly the entire plate  2. a “taste” of 4 chips with the avocado-cheese appetizer dip 3. A slice of the appetizer bread (BAD IDEA – gave me an awful stomach ache) 4. A “small” hot-fudge sundae (It was actually pretty huge, it gave me a headache, and after all that they didn’t even give me lots of hot fudge!).

So, as for my Apple Day, I couldn’t stay POP. I was freaking starving all day (what’s new?). I even added in a 4th dose of drops. It didn’t help. I broke down and ate my leftover fajitas and 2 TB of chocolate delight. The rest of the day WAS only apples, so it wasn’t extremely terrible. The good news is that the scale registered 1.1 lb. lost this morning. The bad news is I don’t have much faith it will stay off.  I seem permanently stuck bouncing up and down in the 60s – refusing to break this barrier. I don’t know why I’m having such a difficult round. I started out with such high hopes. Round 1 went so well, with little to no hunger.

Question mark

My hormones are definitely a major “monster factor” (I’m back to cramping, spotting, and PMS-ing every day which was my worst side-effect of hCG on Round 1).

On a positive note, I was itching to run during the 5K instead of just walk, partly to see if I could burn off the extra calories I consumed Friday night, and partly just to see if I could run. So, I started running the last mile, and I was able to continue all the way to the end without stopping. That was cool.

Bottom Line: I’ve lost 25 pounds and 3 sizes since June, and I can run a mile without stopping, which is very awesome. Unfortunately, on R2 I’m hungry and miserable. At this point I’m pushing through this round purely by my stubborn determination + being pissed off. I’m nearly half way through at this point, so I might as well suck it up and endure to the end. Hopefully, things will get better…or, at least no heads will roll.

Your Turn!

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