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September 4, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

We had the “good intention” to blog faithfully every single day of our Round 2. But, apparently life happened. It does that to the best of us. Here’s a brief summary of some of our “life” events lately.

1. Another Death

Wife’s darling little Grandpa R. passed away last Thursday, exactly 20 days after his sweetheart Grandma J. passed (see blog post, here). It is hard to say goodbye, but really this is a bitter-sweet occasion. It was a sweet blessing that after 69 1/2 years of marriage they did not have to be separated long. Grandpa R. lived an amazing, full, heroic life. At 96 years young he died peacefully in his sleep, one of the last of “The Greatest Generation“. A US Navy WWII hero. A devoted husband, father, grand-father and great-grandpa.

Sweethearts ♥ Grandma J & Grandpa R
Parted 8/10/12 –  Reunited 8/30/12

Here’s a sweet little video that reminded us of Grandpa

2. The Kids

Daughter #1 (age 21) is having some new health struggles and trying to make decisions on whether to take a different direction with her life. Daughter #2 (our baby, age 18) has officially flown the nest to become a College Freshman. There has already been the “Big Move Day”, the “Letting Go Day”, and the “Visit for Labor Day” (i.e. parental stress level up 110% trying to not be stressed or look stressed or be branded as “helicopter parents“)

3. The House

When faced with many life stressors that’s the perfect time to launch a “total house makeover”, right?!

Oh yes, we did. One room down, 8 more to go.

4. The Jobs

UtahMan had a big move to a new office (in a new building) and new coworkers to get to know. Wife had some additional job duties and deadlines added.

5. The Car

UtahMan’s battery just died in the parking lot. We are currently waiting for a AAA service repair man to arrive to replace it, which we definitely can’t afford but obviously have no choice about. Life happening again. (“conveniently” this opens up time to finish this rambling blog post)

6. The Diet

Seriously? We’re on a diet?! Yes. On top of everything else, we are right in the middle of our intensive low-calorie, highly restrictive diet regimen that for success we already know requires things like “getting a full nights sleep”,  “establishing a regular routine” and “reducing stress”. (ha ha ha)

Needless to say, things have been “interesting”, and MUCH more than challenging for us on this round.


R2P2D11 Results


Round 2 Start Weight: 216.5
Load Weight: 221.2
Yesterday: 209.5 lbs
Today: 209.0

Total Lost This Round So Far: Preload: -7.5 lbs  / Postload: -12.2 lbs

I’ve been much more hungry this round. It’s really not been very fun. After all the build-up and count-down to the BIG KICKOFF GAME DAY, I didn’t even get the chance to blog it! 😛 (another “Life” irony again). But, the good news is the Utes won 41-0 over Northern Colorado. I enjoyed watching the game on TV – but, Wife had a rehearsal so that was kind of a bummer. Next game-day is this Friday against UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY…Daughter #2’s new school, actually – so she will be rooting in the student section in-person for the Aggies and I’ll be rooting at home for the Utes. We have a little friendly family rivalry invested in this one!



Round 2 Start Weight: 166.5
Load Weight: 172.5
Yesterday: 161.7 lbs
Today: 162.7 lbs

Total Lost This Round: Preload:  -3.8 lbs / Post load: – 9.8 lbs

OK. I’m up a whole pound this morning. Good grief. It’s not actually as bad as it looks (and feels). Yesterday I dropped a whopping 3.4 lbs! The day before that I was up .9 lbs. It’s seriously crazy. I’m bouncing up and down like a rubber ball. But, so is my life. So, what do I expect? The good news is that I am generally in a downward direction with the weight loss. But, it’s very slow this time around. The worst part is that I AM SO FREAKING HUNGRY!  I’ve tried varying when I take my drops. I’ve tried adding in more veggies. I’ve tried drinking more water. Nothing is making much difference. I’m just hungry. It’s the Gnawing ache-in-my-stomach-I-really-need-to-eat-something-NOW kind of hunger.

Moist Chocolate Cake

Moist Chocolate Cake (Photo credit:

Not fun. There’s only so long sheer will power can sustain me. It certainly didn’t help having to sit through a 2 hour meeting today with a giant chocolate fudge birthday cake in the middle of the table. Total. Agony. (I didn’t really want to EAT the cake, so much as the tantalizing smell was reminding me how HUNGRY I felt, even though I had eaten and taken my drops 30 min before the meeting)

I hope things turn around soon or I might just have to quit this one early and try again later. I’m craving bacon and eggs like crazy. Meanwhile, I’m preparing for another funeral and rehearsing my song for my final farewell of my amazing and beloved Grandpa R.

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