Just Like Noah! Without all the animals

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August 27, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

R2P2D4 – On our commute to work this morning Wife randomly observed “We’re just like Noah now”. Noticing my blank stare she graciously elaborated; “You know, 40 days, 40 nights? . . . Without all the animals, of course.”

English: Noah's sacrifice

English: Noah’s sacrifice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh. OK. Got it. We are beginning P2 of our hCG diet today, which technically means we will end this phase in about “40 days and 40 nights”.

At that point we do not plan on building an alter and offering a sacrifice. But, I’m sure there will be much rejoicing and general merriment. Possibly some rainbows and butterflies. (You never know). Definitely bacon and eggs.


Start Weight: 216.5
Yesterday: 220.0
Today: 221.2 lbs

My loading weight total was nearly identical to Round 1 (4.6 lbs in Round 1 and 4.7 lbs in Round 2).

My target goal for Round 2 is 195 lbs or less (that will put me at around 10% body fat). I ate more “healthy” fats this time around, but loading was also harder this time around because my body wasn’t craving sugary foods and was actually craving more healthy options. Athough, I did really enjoy the cheesecakes. 😉

I plan to more consistently walk this round (not high intensity speed walking – but leisurely low intensity walks). Something the dog will be happy about.


Start Weight: 166.5
Yesterday: 172.5
Today: 172.5

I maintained exactly the same weight this morning as yesterday (hooray! I didn’t want to put on any more loading weight). So, that puts me at exactly a 6 lb. load gain. I guess I can live with that. It seems a pretty big number, but per past experience I expect to lose it quickly.

In defense of my “randomness”, I still like my Noah’s Ark analogy. UtahMan and I have boarded the P2 ship and embarked on a new Epic Journey. We don’t know the exact destination, but we trust it will be a good one. We know from past experience that there will be a few storms ahead, but if we “stay the course” we also will enjoy a great reward, and a whole “new life”. Unlike Noah, we have the advantages of voyaging before, and getting to choose when our journey begins and ends. We know the exact day the clouds will lift and we’ll “get to disembark” (and enjoy indulging in bacon again).

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