Round 2 – Here We Go Again!

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August 24, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

After a good solid 4 weeks of maintaining our LDW (Last Dosage Weight) we have decided to officially launch ourselves back into another full round of hCG drops.

The next 3 days we will be taking the hCG drops, and “LOADING” (aka “eating everything and anything we can possibly cram into our mouths that is full of fat and calories”).

After our 3 days of Loading, we will then begin P2 (Phase 2), which is the longest Phase of the diet. During P2 we will pre-cook and pre-measure all of our meals, carefully weigh everything (bodies + food), balance our portions, eat from a limited list of foods, drink a minimum of a Gallon of water per day, and fastidiously track our daily calories at 500. Total. Yes, it sounds extreme, but it works! And, when you follow the rules, you don’t feel hungry.

We are going to miss eating all the bacon we’ve been enjoying the past 4 weeks. And the cheese. Definitely will miss that. But, overall, I think it’s going to be OK. We have done so well with our maintenance, and we’ve never even been tempted to eat anything that isn’t plan friendly, so we anticipate Round 2 will go very well.

Miracle Skinny Drops = The Best hCG Drops Ever!

When we did our hCG  inventory last night we realized we actually had very few drops left from Round 1! Yikes! (we thought there were more) So, we put in a rush order for more drops. Thankfully, Wife is able to borrow a bottle from a friend (which we will keep and then replace with one of the new bottles we have ordered). So, we can simply go ahead and start Loading.

With both of our daughters out of the house this weekend (oldest on a camping trip, youngest away at College for the first time) we decided this would be the perfect excuse to go out and indulge a little!

Top of our LOADING list for the day?

Cheesecake. . . of course!


UtahMan: R2 Start Weight   = 216.5

Wife: R2 Start Weight   = 166.5


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