Tuesday’s Child

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August 21, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

More often than not in life there simply are no words to adequately describe our experiences and emotions. It’s times like these we are reminded why a picture can be worth “a thousand words”. So, we have included a few pictures to share today with our rather inadequate words.

The past days weeks we’ve been through a whirlwind of family events and emotional roller-coaster-riding (to say the least). On Saturday we bid final adieu to our beloved Grandma J. at her memorial service. It was a beautiful sunny day which felt like heaven was providing a lovely testament to Grandma’s beautiful, sunny personality. Thanks to a little help from some steroids prescribed on Friday afternoon, Wife was able to combat her extremely sore swollen throat long enough to sing beautifully and not (overly) painfully or (too) tearfully. It was a day of crying, laughing, hugging, more crying, reminiscing, catching up with relatives we rarely get to see, more hugging. . . first, there was the viewing, then the funeral service, the graveside service, then back to the church for a luncheon and a video about Grandma, and then the clean-up. It was a long day, but a good one. Life is so short and precious. The life of Grandma J. was priceless and will be forever cherished.

On the drive home, we realized it was now immediately time to deal with the next big “farewell” in our lives; the launch of our youngest child to college! Which of course included all the frantic prepping, packing, last-minute parental pontificating, and general craziness involved with sending a child away to school!

By early Monday morning we were ready to load-and-go.


As far as the diet, we have both continued to maintain our LDW. We decided against starting Round 2 until things calm down a little bit (maybe next weekend?). We stuck to P3 all day and were able to do very well, despite being out of town, off schedule, and on a road trip. For lunch, we stopped at Rumbi Island Grill which offers some excellent fresh salad options (without the salad dressing of course). For dinner we went out to Chili’s. UtahMan ordered the Chicken Fajitas (eaten without tortillas) and Wife had the 6 oz steak with extra steamed veggies on the side. Very tasty!


By 7:00 PM Monday night, our new College Co-ed was all moved into her dorm digs and rather anxious for us to please get on the road and let her get on to enjoying her new freedom!


Parting thoughts from Wife:

Today I’ve been dealing with the emotions and reality of having my final child – my little baby girl 😦 –  “grown and flown”. This morning I remembered a painting that I’ve always loved. The artist is Michael Parkes, and the painting is titled “Tuesday’s Child” (taken from the nursery line: “Tuesday’s Child Is Full of Grace“). As with all good art, this piece will mean something different to each person who looks at it. In fact, the meaning and symbolism will often change, because we change.

I don’t want to project my personal meaning of this painting onto yours. However, I will simply say that this painting is an excellent representation of how I’m feeling today. It’s very Complicated, Confusing, Challenging, Exhilarating, Scary, Silly, Hopeful, Dream-like, Fearful, and Faith-filled. . .Oh, yes!! All of those and so much more. Just the way Life & Death and everything-in-between is meant to be.

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