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August 7, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

R1P3D10: Howdy everyone! We aren’t being as faithful with our updates, but will try to be better. We are both in the middle of really hectic schedules. But, despite the “controlled chaos”, we have settled into P3 (Phase 3) very well. It’s felt really peaceful and comfortable, actually. P3 seems relatively easy and feels like a nice calm time for the body. We just simply eat larger portions of healthy clean foods on a regular schedule (which was already well established in Phase 2), and drink our water, and keep track of our calories to make sure we are eating ENOUGH. (seriously, we’ve never had a problem with going over – but we often slide short of the goal). We have been maintaining within 0.5 oz. of our LDW (Last Dosage Weight) each day, so we’re right on track for starting Round 2 in 2-3 weeks. It’s been fun to add in lots of healthy fats such as avocado, bacon, coconut oil, olive oil and butter. And, it’s nice to be eating all of the produce we’ve been harvesting lately from our community garden plot! Everything fresh tastes so good!

We just keep going, and going, and going! And, it’s going great!

We had a big extended family dinner on Sunday night. By now everyone has noticed our weight loss and knows we are on some sort of diet (some know it is hCG, others just know we have restrictions). We suggested that they grill burgers (something safe for us) and we offered to bring all of the fresh veggies.


Watermelon (Photo credit: robbplusjessie)

Another member of the family brought fresh fruit (wow – I tried the watermelon, which I haven’t eaten in months and it tasted like pure sugar! I could only handle eating one piece. It was really crazy. I had no idea watermelon was so sweet!) There was a cake that a young cousin brought, but no one made a big deal of it. In fact, I don’t remember anyone actually eating it. Everyone seemed content to eat clean and simple. It was really nice! We wrapped our burgers in large lettuce leaves, and some family members actually thought that looked cool and tried it. We focused on conversation and having fun together and food just wasn’t a big deal. It ended up being a very supportive and enjoyable family gathering.

Utah Wife

The next two weeks are really intense for our household physically and emotionally (and financially). I have rehearsals and performances nearly every night until the 18th – and that happens to be THE BIG DAY when our youngest daughter will be “leaving the nest” and moving to the dorms to begin her Freshman year at a State college 2 hours away. I’m feeling so many emotions, and I’m feeling very tired. I’m trying not to let the entire process overwhelm me.

A thick fog shrouds a trio of sandhill cranes ...

Thankfully, we’ve been through all of this before with Daughter #1. I think I am MUCH less stressed about the actual process of prepping and packing, and more emotionally prepared for the actual “Launch”. But, this is still a different child, and a different school….and a different ME. This is my last little baby bird!! It’s so weird to realize UtahMan and I have officially reached “mid-life”, and have [whether successfully or not] accomplished the herculean task of raising our two children to adulthood. Now What?!

Well, that’s the next great adventure!

I’ve found myself writing things down on a list that UtahMan and I could do together, and the art projects and home improvement projects I’d love to tackle (at least the ones that involve a minimum amount of money, since we certainly won’t have any for a good many years to come with TWO college-aged children!!) Life is good. It constantly changes. It’s always unpredictable. It has its ups and downs. But, overall, Life is good. It’s exciting! Especially when it is being lived inside a healthier, happier, more energetic body!



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