Weight Loss: Take The Red Pill


August 4, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Life is strange. Our concept of “reality” is always skewed. We THINK we know the truth about ourselves and the world around us. But then 10 years later when we innocently pull out the treasured wedding album to enjoy all those beautiful memories we find ourselves gasping in horror

“RED PLAID Bridesmaid dresses and POINSETTIA Boutonnières?! Really?!? OK. SURE, They were “Christmassy”…but WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING!?!”

This is when it hits us that back in 1989 we must have taken the blue pill!

Being on a weight loss journey is just like that. But, instead of having to wait 10 years for the big “reality check” to hit you, and that “trip down the rabbit hole” with Neo, it only takes about 10 weeks. Today as Wife was scrolling through her phone gallery of 1526 images (seriously, Wife?) she came across our Disneyland vacation photos from this past May…and our relaxing day at the beach…and then, THERE. IT. WAS.



There are just so many sad things about this photo. Where to begin?! The single most disturbing thing about this photo is that when it was taken exactly 3 months ago WE COULDN’T SEE THE TRUTH. Why didn’t this photo create an immediate and giant “Reality Check” for us? Why did it take us more than a month later, and a random conversation with a friend about the hCG therapy, before we considered trying a diet? It’s like we had a giant cloud over our brains and we couldn’t see how terrible we LOOKED, or even accept how terrible we FELT. Obviously we had a brain cloud because Wife didn’t immediately delete this horrifying image from her phone! It just remained silently waiting in there in all its gluttonous, miserable glory to be seen today with our new eyes.

AND BOY, DID WIFE EVER SEE IT! I seriously think she woke some dead people up with her blood curdling scream.

I came running. We both looked. We both screamed. Then we immediately grabbed our camera phone, conscripted our daughter-as-photographer, and rushed outside to pose for an “update photo”.

As we held the two photos side-by-side and looked back and forth and back and forth. . . we just kept shaking our heads, and groaning, and even shedding some tears. Ultimately we shared a huge collective sigh of relief . . . “Whew!” 

BUT THEN . . .

We wondered. . .

Is the new photo really as great as we think it is? Or, are we just experiencing one more twist in that ever-nebulous state we like to call “reality”? What is “truth”? We both know that we still have another 20-30 lbs. to go before goal. So, how will today’s photo look to us in, say, another 10 weeks on our diet and fitness journey?

I guess we won’t really know until we get there. But, one thing is certain. We are NOT the same today as we were 3 months ago! And, that’s definitely a GOOD THING!

We’ve also learned that as the pounds start falling off of a body a huge “cloud” begins to fall off of the brain. Everything looks, and feels, SO. MUCH. BRIGHTER! – UM&W



2 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Take The Red Pill

  1. Workout Music Diva says:

    Too funny, as usual! Again I say you guys look amaze-balls! And to make such a transformation in such a short amount of time. Congratulations! Of course when you achieve your goal weights, you will look back at your current picture and think it looks like your “before” picture. But I say bask in the achievements you’ve accomplished thus far and let it propel you forward.

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