Ute Football, Bacon and Cheese

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August 2, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

R1P3D5 HcG Diet: Our journey of the “weight maintenance” phase continues. We have grown a bit of a passion for bacon, and are slowly introducing some cheese back in (oooohh yesss, bacon and cheese. Definitely a match made in heaven). We’re being good. Promise.

Utah Man

Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
post-load weight loss Round 1 = -37.4 lbs
7/26/12 LDW:  216.6
Today’s P3 Weight: 215.3

I was the same weight this morning as yesterday. Cool. The maintenance phase seems to be going well for me eating about 2000 cals. In other good news, our Utah Utes Football team officially started “FALL CAMP” (i.e. TRAINING CAMP) today. Woot!

Zane Taylor ready to snap the ball

They are limited to 15 practices by the NCAA. So, we assume that 12 of those will be practices and 3 will be scrimmages, as they did in the Spring. They returned eighteen starters, two of whom are on Special Teams (the kicker and the punter) so expectations are very high for a great year! The PAC12 Media picked UTAH to finish 2nd in the South Division, second only to USC (the #3 ranked team in the Nation’s coaches pre-season poll – but, by the time we play them, they could arguably be ranked #1.)

You gotta watch this video at least once –  even if you don’t like football – that’s dang good music!



P.S. Yo, Brian Blechen! Lay off the weed, dude! That’s So. Not. Cool. You are better than that. Get your head screwed on straight, and BEE THE MAN. ‘nuf said.


Utah Wife

Highest Load Weight: 192.8
post-load weight loss Round 1 = -24.5 lbs
7/26/12 LDW: 168.3
Today’s Weight: 169.2

The past couple of days have been hard to stay POP because we haven’t been prepared. We know better. If there isn’t any good food pre-measured, pre-cooked and ready to grab we are going to be in trouble. I haven’t “cheated”, I just haven’t eaten enough, and as ironic as that sounds, not eating enough calories translates into weight gain. I was up 1 lb. this morning.

Jordan Wynn sets to throw a touchdown

Tomorrow I’m taking my food log with me whever I go and I’m writing it all down and tracking the calories all day carefully to make sure that I KEEP EATING (oh, and note to self – definitely drinking MORE water). I do admit to having a bit of an obsession about (sugar free) Bacon. It’s allowed. But, it’s probably not the best thing to eat every. single. day. I’m going to have to pace myself. I’m not giving up my daily avocado though. Yummm.

I found a sweet website with Utah Utes Gear gear I’ve been drooling over today…I have my eye on this shirt . I’m going to look so hot! 😉

And speaking of bacon…do ya’ll remember this classic? 😛 Who says Bacon can’t be SEXY, eh?!

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