HCG Phase 3: Getting To Know You

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July 30, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Today is R1P3D2. (Round One, Phase 3, Day 2) We have officially left P2 (Phase 2) behind, and eating the 500 VLCD (“Very Low Calorie Diet”). We have now entered P3 (Phase 3) and are in the process of upping our caloric intake, and adjusting to all the new changes. 

This phase is one of the most important phases of the diet.  The goal here is maintenance.  You do not want to lose or gain during this 3 week period following your last doseage weight (LDW).  Dr. Simeons says in Pounds and Inches you are resetting your hypothalomus to this new weight so your body will remember it and it will keep you from gaining back weight in the future.  You do not want your weight do go above or below 2lbs. of your LDW.  During this cycle you are to have 1500 calories including fats with no startches or sugars.  If  you are still losing on 1500 increase your calories to avoid any weight fluctuations. (men especially sometimes need to do this to keep their LDW).  – Miracle Skinny Drops hCG Phases Explained  Or, For even more details about Phase 3 Click Here.


Utah Man

Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
LDW:  216.6  – post-load weight loss Round 1 = -37.4 lbs
Today’s Weight: 215.4

I’ve been enjoying this new phase. I like eating! I had trouble yesterday getting to my total maintenance calories which is 2186. I was able to get up to 1950  which I found out was really good for a first day. I’ve been enjoying being able to eat new veggies and new protein sources. I added some fresh beets yesterday from our garden, I had a turkey burger, some bacon, and a large helping of chicken. I don’t miss sugar at all, but I do miss grains. In a few more days we will probably try some Ezekial sprouted bread, which is allowed.

As for today, I’ve done a lot better about eating all of my calories. I think being at work has made it easier. I planned out what I was going to take and when I would eat it, and I added a lot of butter this morning to my breakfast which makes it easier to up the calories.

I’m looking forward to adding in some Greek yogurt next week, too. But, after Wife’s experience I am holding off of adding dairy this week.


Utah Wife

Highest Load Weight: 192.8
LDW: 168.3  post-load weight loss Round 1 = -24.5 lbs
Today’s Weight: 166.2

Today is my second day of P3. We didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday because the truth is  – I fell asleep. I’m bummed out about not posting at least something yesterday because it ruins my personal goal of posting every single day since we started this journey together. 😦  I thought of “cheating” and back-dating the post, but then I realized that was stupid since we would have to write two separate posts. So, I’m just going to have to admit that I’m human and move forward.



Yesterday, my first day of P3 was REALLY ROUGH. I woke up extra early, at 5 am, so that I would be certain to have enough time to make a big omlette before rushing off to my choir duties. I was excited as I made my big yummy omelet. It looked beautiful on my plate: 3 eggs, mushrooms, peppers, celery, spinach, fresh garden tomato…yum! Then I started eating. At about 6 or 7 bites in I was completely full. By about 10 bites I felt miserable. By 12 bites I felt like throwing up. At that point I had only made it about 1/3 of the way through the plate. I simply could. NOT. finish. it.

I grabbed an apple and a protein drink for my long morning and rushed out the door.

My second fail of the day was when I drank the protein shake (which only had one grm of natural sugar and was composed of half Whey, half cow Milk protein) I drank it 10 minutes before my performance. About 40 min. later I was running off stage to the bathroom where I had a massive attack of diarrhea.

(sorry, TMI).

Well, I was in the bathroom for quite some time. (It was bad. ‘nuf said). And, that was how I found out (the hard way) that I should NOT be introducing dairy in any form right now, and definitely NOT be drinking protein drinks (or, at least not that brand…although, I’m scared of the idea of any brand)!

Everything Tastes Better with Bacon

Everything Tastes Better with Bacon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After that fiasco, I didn’t dare eat or drink anything until I got home a couple of hours later. The entire day was a bit of a fail after that. I did manage to eat my apple, and I ate an avocado which tasted heavenly. As weird as this will sound, I got a huge craving for bacon. So, I cooked up a batch of sugar-free bacon (which is allowed on P3) and I ate 6 whole slices with no adverse reaction. I also had some fish, and some veggies, etc. But, I only made it to about 1200 calories before I fell asleep in the early evening watching the Olympics  – since I only recall seeing about the first 10 minutes of synchronized diving, I basically I didn’t see any of the Olympics – I hear we did well, though. GO TEAM USA! 

I was shocked to see that I was down another pound this morning. I expected to gain due to being so far under my  caloric count and/or from eating such high fat food such as bacon and a whole avocado. Go figure. I just need to be sure not to lose too much more so I can maintain that 2 lb. range.

As for today, I am still suffering from a total and complete lack of appetite. I know how important it is to EAT during this phase, but it’s hard to remember to eat when I don’t ever feel like it. I managed to have a (smaller) omelet this morning, and I ate some yummy grilled chicken and a big salad in the late afternoon. But, I’m still way under my calories as of writing this, so I will need to be sure to supplement with an avocado and a lot of healthy fats like coconut oil, butter and olive oil and some more protein before bedtime.

All of this Phase 3 stuff is a learning experience. I’m thinking of this as a time to get to know my body. and find out what it can handle and what it cannot. I’m also re-learning how to eat regularly, and learning how to handle all of the nice compliments and questions that I am getting from people who see “the new me” now.


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