Day 37 HCG: Bye Bye Bye


July 21, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Today it was time to throw out the old and welcome the new. Or, in other words say “Bye Bye Bye” to all the clothes that no longer fit us. (and “buy, buy, buy” to a new future wardrobe!!) The result? One HUGE pile of clothes to bundle up for our local charity.

♪♫ And it aint no lie, baby, Bye Bye Bye! ♪♫

Utah Man

Starting Weight: 249.4 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 219.9 lbs
Today’s Weight: 219.5 – down – 0.4 lb

Pre-load weight loss -29.9 lbs; post-load weight loss -34.5 lbs 

Wife decided today was the day to clean out our closets. This involved trying on basically everything I own and finding out what fit and what does not.

Nothing fit.

Well, in truth, I was able to keep about 3 or 4 things. Seriously.

This is not me, but it could be

Just over 4 weeks ago I was wearing a very tight size 40 waist & XL or XXL shirts. Today I’m wearing a slightly loose 36 waist, and size Large shirts. Another “Wow” moment! Wife had much too much fun shopping for an entire new wardrobe for me! But to her credit she bought everything on clearance or at discount stores because she is convinced I may shrink out of my new duds in the near future. For now, it’s pretty dang cool being 2+ sizes smaller.



Utah Wife

Starting Weight: 187.2 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 192.8 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 170.2 lbs
Today’s Weight: 170.2 – Same

Totals:  Pre-load weight loss 17.0 lbs  / Post-load loss -22.6 lbs

I maintained the same weight this morning as yesterday and that’s OK. I’m performing late every night this week and when I get home at about 11:30 PM every night I’m STARVING. So, I’ve been making myself an egg. It’s way too late to be eating. I know this. But, the egg really fills me up, and as long as I don’t gain, I’m not going to stress about it. After tomorrow, I’ll get to sleep in and then we are headed on the big FAMILY VACATION.

Anyway, today was a really fun day (for me – not so much for UtahMan)! I loved cleaning out our closets and dresser drawers and chucking everything into a giant pile in our living room. (in the end, we filled up 3 big leaf bags for the charity) Best part?


I’m not as sexy as UtahMan yet, but I’m definitely getting smaller. And, I have lost nearly 2 sizes. When we started I was a very tight 14/16. Today I’m able to get into 10s comfortably, and I’m able to wear Size Small tops. Being that I am only 5’3″, I still need to lose a few more sizes. It would be ideal to be a size 6. That’s my ultimate goal. But for now, it’s very gratifying to see so much progress. It was so much fun buying a new wardrobe for UtahMan! He looks great! It will be fun to see the reaction of extended family members next week who haven’t seen us for a long time. I had so much fun shopping for UMan today, I admit I ran out of time to buy much for myself. But, my empty closet is “standing by” to be filled back up again with smaller sizes.


P.S. There’s no time tonight to post our weekly photo montage, but we will definitely post it tomorrow…stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy this blast from the past!

2 thoughts on “Day 37 HCG: Bye Bye Bye

  1. Workout Music Diva says:

    Smart move, Wife, on shopping clearance because it is highly likely that you will both loose more weight. But I shop clearance racks on the regular any old way :>)

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