Day 32 HCG: Nothing To Wear.


July 16, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

No, seriously. It’s getting totally crazy trying to find something that fits…because nothing does! It’s about the best “worst problem” we’ve had to deal with in a very long time. So, who’s complaining, right? Well, we aren’t complaining! But, we really do need to go shopping. ASAP.

Utah Man

Starting Weight: 249.4 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 224.0 lbs
Today’s Weight: 223.8 – down -0.2

Total Lost to date: -25.6 lbs from Start Weight / -30.2 lbs on VLCD

This has been my worst week-end, weight loss wise, since we started the protocol.
I am not sure why. I have been totally POP, and I made a conscious effort to drink more (though I am sure I didn’t drink enough – particularly on Sunday).

The weekend wasn’t totally negative – I had my first comment on my weight loss -someone finally noticed! I started cleaning out my closet and was amazed what will fit now and how many clothes I was wearing just 1-2 months ago that no longer fit.
I do have several items of clothing that I have never been able to fit into… and I am getting close to fitting them.



Utah Wife

Starting Weight: 187.2 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 192.8 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 173.7 lbs
Today’s Weight: 172.0 – down -1.7

Totals: -15.2 lbs from Start Weight / -20.8 lbs on VLCD

Yesterday we revealed our 4 week progress photos and our cool 4 week stats! However, we did not post that particular day’s stats (partly because we didn’t have time, and mainly because I didn’t want to put a damper on things).

Yesterday morning I actually had a 1.2 lb GAIN! Ugh!! (yes, the pizza cheese debacle came back to bite me. . . a hard lesson to learn that cheats, no matter how small, aren’t worth it).

So, my Sunday was spent as an “Apple Day” (i.e. “correction day”), combined with a “detox bath”.


Voila! Today I’m right back on track again with a 1.7 lb. loss. WOOT WOOT!

Like UtahMan, I am suffering from “Weight Loss Closet Syndrome”. Everything in my closet except about 3 things is either a size 14/16, LARGE or X-LARGE. But, I am officially now a size 10/12 MEDIUM. This is a BIG problem. I can technically “wear” a lot of the LARGE stuff, but it is so baggy and droopy on me it’s pitiful. Today I pulled out a smaller skirt wedged in the back of the closet that never used to fit me – now it’s loose. But, it was passable. The shirt was ridiculously too large and so I tried wrapping a belt around it – I thought it could be “fashionable”. My daughters informed me it was a “fail”. sigh. OK. I’m going to try to make a trip to the thrift store as soon as I can to find some smaller sized things. This is a crazy busy week with work and music rehearsals so I don’t have time to shop. I also don’t want to invest in anything too pricey, since I plan on losing a lot more.

I also think that UtahMan and I definitely need to haul off all of these clothes that no longer fit me (I certainly don’t want to be tempted to “grow back into them”!)

3 thoughts on “Day 32 HCG: Nothing To Wear.

  1. Kitty Newton says:

    I have had the same problem although I cant say that I dont have clothes. The ones I have been wearing are the kind that I can use for 2 or 3 sz before I have to leave them in the closet. I am ashamed to say that I have ALOT of different sizes in my closet. The reason for this is because we were taught that your good clothes were not for everyday wear. I was raised on a ranch so you had clothes that you wore to school, clothes that you wore to church and then everyday clothes. Some of then I bought and gained weight before I wore them. So right now, the main problem I have is being the inbetween being able to wear some of the other ones. I wont wear anything right npw that doesnt cover my buda belly…And my dilema here is that I just took a Feng SHui class and I am suppose to get rid of everything in the closet and drawers that doesnt fit! I told her NO! and the argument was on…lol…so yes, back to the closet thing, at times I go thru and I still wont wear any of the smaller clothes even though they fit because I dont “feel” right in them yet. I think we all have that problem. And what I would do is hit your local Salvation Army or other such store and look thru the clothes for a right now size because I would not want to pay retail for something that I might only wear a month or so. I have seen some expensive things in those places. They dont tend to carry large enough for me, but in smaller sizes I have seen very expensive things and lots of them. Just be sure to check the zippers if buying anything with those in them.

    • Kitty Newton says:

      Oh, and the last weight loss, I gave a bunch away and then gained the weight back. They say get rid of them, but after that I am kind of afraid to

      • UtahMan&Wife says:

        Thanks Kitty – love your advice and comment(s)! 🙂
        We are like you – we have clothes for lots of different situations and events…and a bit of separation anxiety when it comes to the idea of “cleaning out” the closet! We will try to embrace your teacher’s “Feng Shui” idea…

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