Day 26 HCG: It’s A Beautiful Morning


July 10, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

The Rascals (initially known as The Young Rascals) were an American blue-eyed soul (white boy) group popular during the years 1965–72. The band released numerous top ten singles in North America during the mid- and late-1960s,

The Young Rascals (album)

Photo credit: Wikipedia

including the song “It’s A Beautiful Morning” that topped the charts in both the USA and Canada in 1968. (we were both in diapers back then, but the song remained popular throughout our elementary years). I was thinking about that song driving to the office today. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and both of us had great results on the scale.



Starting Weight: 249.4 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 230.2 lbs
Today’s Weight: 229.0 – Down -1.2

Total Lost to date: -20.4 lbs from Start Weight / -25.0 lbs on VLCD

As the “stats guy” in the family, I think it’s only fair to point out that WIFE is averaging .8 lbs loss per day – that is 60% higher than normal for women!!

By comparison – my average weight loss is 13.5% higher than the norm for men.

So, the bottom line is that despite all the hype about “men losing more than women” on diets (and any recent emotional roller-coasters), WIFE is blowing me out of the water  🙂

(let it be noted that I set aside my pride and pointed this out to her)



Utah Wife

Starting Weight: 187.2 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 192.8 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 176.2 lbs
Today’s Weight: 175.4 – Down -0.8

Totals: -13.0 lbs from Start Weight / -17.4 lbs on VLCD

That was very nice of UtahMan to point out the stats facts to me this morning. It’s totally cool.

I’m feeling so much better this morning.

1. Yesterday I increased my dosage to 20 drops 3x’s per day. That’s the recommended dose on the bottle, but per advice from friends that have done the protocol in the past, they advised to use half the dosage possible at first because the body will be sensitive to it and release plenty of fat. Eventually, the body builds up resistance, and then you need to increase.  I think it was very good advice, however in retrospect I should have increased the drops a few days ago when I stalled for many days and my hunger increased. Live and learn.

2. I got a decent amount of sleep last night

3. I’m no longer ravenously hungry today. I’m back to feeling satisfied and alert.

I’m feeling really happy about my loss so far and my progress. It’s definitely a “beautiful morning”. It was also a funny morning. None of my clothes fit right anymore. Seriously, I have “nothing to wear”. Everything is baggy and bulgy. I found a short skirt in the back of my closet that I thought would work. It has always been too tight. Well, guess what? It’s loose. All of my tops are size LARGE and X-LARGE, but I definitely need at least a MEDIUM. I look forward to taking our 4 week measurements this Saturday. I’m also excited it’s time to go shopping. Whoo Hoo!

2 thoughts on “Day 26 HCG: It’s A Beautiful Morning

  1. Workout Music Diva says:

    Well you’ve educated me…I never knew the artist for that song. It’s one of those songs I heard as a kid (I’ll just say I’m not quite 40 yet, but if I sneeze, I will be!) and is just stuck in my memory bank some where and when it randomly plays some where, I start humming along.

    Don’t you just LOVE having a real excuse (I mean REASON) to go shopping? Best feeling EVER! You gotta share pics of some of your new “Medium” sized threads!

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