Day 17 HCG: Happy Crazy Canada Day!

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July 1, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Sending a big shout-out to the Great White North! Wishing you all a fun day with lots of food and fireworks and stuff (we assume ya’ll have fireworks, right?) So, as we mentioned last week, Sunday seems to be our most challenging day on the HCG diet. Our schedules are completely off our regular routines. But, we did enjoy many non-scale signs of our progress!


Starting Weight: 249.4 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 236.5 lbs
Today’s Weight: 236.3 – Down -0.2

Total Lost to date: -13.1 lbs from Start Weight / -17.7 lbs on VLCD (incl. Load Weight)

The blazer: A single-breasted, reefer-style, n...

I’ve joined “Wife’s World” today. This is the smallest amount I’ve ever dropped on the scale. For “some reason”, she isn’t being very sympathetic. Alright, alright, I don’t blame her. On the bright side, I was able to wear my blue blazer to church today – something I haven’t been able to do for at least a couple of years! It honestly was way too hot to be wearing a jacket to church. But, I couldn’t help showing off a little.


🙂 ~~~~

Utah Wife

Starting Weight: 187.2 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 192.8 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 180.4 lbs
Today’s Weight: 179.8 – Up -0.3

Total Lost To Date: -7.4 lbs from Start Weight / -13.0 lbs VLCD (incl. Load Weight)

Well, I guess I can’t really complain about going up .3 oz today, since:

1. It’s the first time I’ve ever gained on the program.

2. I did push my body a bit too hard this week with the extra apple day. In perspective, I’m still down a half a pound from two days ago.

3. I only got 5 1/2  hours of sleep last night, and I didn’t drink enough water yesterday as I should have. There’s only so much a poor body can do.

courtesy Flikr, Jaime Carter

4. On the bright side!! This morning, my choir robe was extremely loose. By next week I’m probably going to have to gather my courage and request a smaller size from our little “wardrobe Nazi”. Unfortunately, she does not take kindly to dieters. This is because it requires a lot of hemming and tucking and extra seamstress-y work. And, to be fair, in her years of experience, she will inevitably have to turn around and “up-size” the same dieter’s robe a few months later (something I am extra motivated to NOT have happen)! So, I’m thinking I may simply delay the refitting as long as possible…perhaps until the robe falls off completely? (OK. Probably not wise. But, it would certainly spice up the program!) The thing is, if I keep losing, and going down more sizes, then I’d rather avoid repeat trips to our warden of worship! But seriously, am I really going to complain about having lost so many pounds and inches that I need new clothes?! No way!

In honor of Canada Day, here’s one of our [many] favorite songs by our favorite Canadian Band. Enjoy!

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