Day 14 HCG: Healthcare and Healthy Choices

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June 28, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Washington DC: United States Supreme Court

Washington DC: United States Supreme Court (Photo credit: wallyg)

Today the US Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate of “Obamacare”, with a 5-4 decision. That means, short of a (potential) repeal, by the year 2015 all citizens will be required to buy health insurance or pay a fine. (The court struck down Medicaid expansions which were deemed unconstitutional). Now, we don’t care much for having a political discussion about this event. At this point, UtahMan & Wife are going to officially step back and take the “wait and see” approach. Keeping in mind:

  1. This is a presidential election year.
  2. There are many moons between now and 2015 of motions, political jockeying, and other Washington hocus-pocus.

‘nuf said!

What we would like to focus on today is what we think is the very BEST kind of healthcare which anyone can afford and is available immediately:

Making Smart, Healthy Personal Choices.

Over the past two weeks some pretty heavy curtains have been pulled away from our eyes whenever we walk into a grocery store. It’s plain shocking how much processed and artificial CRAP our stores are filled with being touted as “food”! Everywhere we turn, consumers are stuffing their carts with loads and loads of products promising to make us healthy, wealthy, wise, (and even sexy). All lies, of course (besides, we’re already sexy :P)

Just a few short days ago we were right there with the masses pushing our cart through the store and throwing what we thought were (at least fairly) healthy choices. Sadly, “healthy” is a very loose term these days. It’s been attached to just about every sugar-and/or-chemical-laden item known to man.

Here are some things we have learned so far:

  • Healthy food is naturally colorful:



  • Healthy Food Has One Ingredient

What the crap are “Colored Crunchlets”?!?


  • Healthy food comes to you from it’s source, not a factory


  • Healthy food is easy to prepare and does not require using a microwave

Utah Wife’s Lunch Today (that’s herbal tea, unsweetened, in the mug)


  • Healthy food has no sugar, “substitutes”, “additives”, or preservatives. It’s just plain and simple.


  • Healthy food saves you lots and lots of money!

A common argument is that it’s “too expensive to buy healthy foods”. It’s not true. You can read this recent news report. And, here are our reasons:

  1. Junk Food Adds Up: If you are buying healthy food, you are not buying soda, chips, ice-cream, beer, sauces, canned food, baking ingredients, candy, pretzels…i.e. expensive stuff!
  2. No More Restaurant Bills: If you are buying healthy food, you are no longer – or very very rarely – eating out at restaurants. Because, Healthy food has to be eaten soon, or it spoils; there are very few commercial establishments that serve healthy food; and, if you do find a place, why pay three times more for healthy food than what you already have at home? We’ve already saved over $200 in just two weeks from taking our lunches to work, not eating out on the weekends, and skipping our regular take-out and pizza joints on the way home from work.
  3. No more OTC and Doctor bills: Think about all the money we pay to purchase over-the-counter chemicals to help our bodies feel well, fix our digestive track, “regulate” us, etc. Think of all the doctor office copays for colds and viruses that can be eradicated by eating proper nutrients, drinking more water, and getting enough sleep.

Making personal healthy choices is definitely the BEST investment in our Nation’s healthcare crises! Sadly, the government isn’t going to mandate shutting down all the junk food companies, halting production of sugar, dangerous additives and bleached flour, nor banning false food advertising. It also doesn’t seem likely we will ever be getting a tax incentive for having a home garden and supporting local food-co-ops.

Nope, folks. We’ve got to do this one all by ourselves, for ourselves.

Some food for thought! – UM&W




Starting Weight: 249.4 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 239.4 lbs
Today’s Weight: 238.6 – Down -0.8

Total Lost to date: -10.8 lbs from Start Weight / -15.4 lbs on VLCD (incl. Load Weight)

This protocol has been going well for me so far – I haven’t experienced much hunger, and even with the restricted food choices available on P2, I have been able to be creative in what I eat. Last night, I sauteed shrimp with shredded cabbage and minced onions (from our own garden) + garlic. It was fantastic – I am definitely going to have to do that one again! Today, I am having steak, strawberry and spinach salad with a dressing of lemon juice and black pepper for lunch.

On the sports scene – BIG national news for the Utes – Utah has agreed to a home-and-home with Michigan. We play there on September 20, 2014 and then host the Wolverines as the first game of the 2015 season in Salt Lake on Thursday, September 3, 2015.   Such an arrangement would likely have never happened before Utah joined the Pac 12 conference.  It is a great time to be a Ute!! Only 63 days until Kickoff! GO UTES!


Utah Wife

Starting Weight: 187.2 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 192.8 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 181.5 lbs
Today’s Weight: 180.6 – Down -0.4

Total Lost To Date: -6.6 lbs from Start Weight / -12.2 lbs VLCD (incl. Load Weight)

Averaging about .5 lb loss per day now. Definitely can’t complain. I have lots of energy, I’m not suffering from any hunger. Last night I attended a neighborhood women’s social. There was a “homemade cake bar” (seriously!) I did not partake. In fact, I wasn’t even tempted. Life is good! ♥

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