Day 9 HCG: Weekend Challenges, Choices and Photos!

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June 23, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

This time last weekend we were in the middle of our “LOADING PHASE”, meaning we were having fun (or not quite) getting (painfully) stuffed with all the fatty foods we could dream up. This weekend is a whole different story! We are now eating our 500 cal VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). Physically, we are not hungry. Emotionally, we are totally stoked to have lost about 10 lbs.! But mentally, I think we are hitting a bit of a challenge. Our weekend routine included going out to a nice restaurant and (over)eating. Then, we would either go catch a movie in the theater (with popcorn / candy, etc), or rent a flick and enjoy at home (with a bowl of ice-cream and other treats). Well, this is definitely the time to rethink our routine and choose new, healthy habits. On P2 (Phase 2) it would be pointless to eat out because A. Nothing would be POP (Perfect on Plan), and B. All the servings would inevitably be ridiculously large, and we would have to carry our scale with us. Of course, we can go to the movies, or rent one. However, we anticipate this activity will trigger the munchies. So, for this weekend, we have decided to avoid those activities, take care of all of the prep for the coming weekend, walk the dog and work in our garden.




Starting Weight: 249.4 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 254.0 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 243.8 lbs
Today’s Weight: 243.1 – Down -0.7

Total Lost to date: -6.3 lbs off Start Weight / 10.9 lbs VLCD (incl. Loading Weight)


Utah Wife

Starting Weight: 187.2 lbs
Highest Load Weight: 192.8 lbs
Yesterday’s Weight: 183.4 lbs
Today’s Weight: 183.4 – STALLED (TOM)

Total Lost To Date: -3.8 lbs VLCD / -9.4 lbs (incl. Loading Weight)


We were told that the first week people average around 10 pound loss, and then things slow down a bit. This seems to be true for us so far.

Note From UtahWife: TOM = Time Of Month. Ugh! This is every pre-menopause HCG Woman’s bane. It was particularly annoying for me since I have a Mirena IUD and have not had TOM for over 6 months. However, at least it didn’t come as a complete shock, having done my homework prior to beginning the HCG, I knew that it is quite common for women taking Birth Control and/or with IUDs to bleed. I was hoping to beat the odds, but apparently that is not the case. As such, today wasn’t the best day – the scale didn’t budge (at least it didn’t go up), and it didn’t help that we decided to stay on schedule for our weekly photos!

Today’s Montage (see all updates on our Progress Photos Page)

“Ah, what the heck!” Time to show some skin

One of the keys to being successful on any diet is to BE PREPARED. If you have the right foods on hand, ready to grab and eat without a lot of work involved then you are much less likely to stray off the path.

Saturday PREP Day Tips:
  1. Make a list of what supplies you need
  2. Do your shopping in the morning. Take advantage of any farmer’s markets or community food co-ops in your area.
  3. Measure and pre-cook all of your meats, seal in plastic baggies, and freeze. (then all you have to do is choose the night before what you want to eat, and place the baggies in the refrigerator to thaw)
  4. Measure and pre-chop the most time consuming veggies

Enjoy These Photos of Today’s Protein Prep

We purchased a large lean Top Sirloin and then pre-measured 3.5 oz servings

UtahMan gets his “Grill Master” on!

TIP: Be sure to take your HCG BEFORE you have to smell all this succulent meat!

After the meat cools, place each serving in ziplock bags. Use a STRAW to suck out all of the air in the bag to hold in freshness and help prevent freezer burn. Be sure to mark date on the bags.

HCG “Purists” recommend you purchase only free-range fresh chicken. We are not purists, we are “practicalists” – i.e. “What is the healthiest product that will also be affordable and easy.” This bag of frozen low-fat boneless skinless chicken breasts are sold at COSTCO We thawed 4 double breasts out in advance, and then pre-measured our 3.5 oz. servings for cooking.

There might be some sort of secret to accurately eyeballing a 3.5 oz serving chicken breast. We haven’t discovered it. Thus, each serving is made up of many small pieces. This is why I choose to cook my chicken servings on the indoor grill, and not the outdoor. This also helps us “multitask” cooking up our meat – Steak on the outdoor grill + Chicken on the indoor.

We LOVE this large bag of pre-cooked frozen shrimp from Costco! A 3.5 oz serving = 12 shrimp. We can quickly put 12 frozen shrimp into individual baggies, seal and return to the freezer. (We buy extra because our kids LOVE to eat these shrimp).



We also have a bag of frozen Tilapia which you can purchase in a large bag from Costco. They are individually wrapped 4 oz servings (we are “Practicalists”, remember, so we aren’t going to fret about that .5 oz), which is very cool because, (as Practicalists) we can simply throw one of these handy-dandy wrapped Tilapia in the microwave (just leave it in it’s plastic sealed bag – don’t puncture) and cook on HIGH for 3 minutes. Be sure to let it sit a couple of minutes before cutting the bag open (to aid the steaming process & prevent being burned) and viola! a perfectly cooked piece of Tilapia every time. – Happy Weekend! – UM&W

Only 68 Days Until Kickoff! GO UTES!

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