The HcG Diet – Going For It

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June 15, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife

Hi! If you happen to find this site, Welcome!

So, here we are. Two middle aged Utah Fans, married for 22.6 years so far, with 2 college-aged daughters, a bunch of pets and a mortgage. We decided to “blog” about our random life and our dieting journey. To start with, we have decided to do the “HcG Diet” together, otherwise known as HcG Protocol, and/or Dr. Simeon’s secret to losing “Pounds & Inches” . Yep, we really are going to try this thing –  A Team Effort (and possibly some competition?) between Man & Wife! Because, as we all know, there is supposed to be “Strength in Numbers”, and the UtahMan & Wife have plenty of “numbers” when it comes to pounds and inches to lose.

Dr. Simeons

Brief Summary of the “HcG Diet”: Back in the late 1940s and early 1950’s an English endocrinologist named Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons was living in India studying some abnormally “fat boys”. He discovered (somehow?) that a female hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy called “Human Chorionic Gondotropin” (HcG) had the amazing ability to make the body release its abnormal stored fat. Further experiments found that injecting the HcG into non-pregant fat people gave dramatic results. In a nut shell, the fat people got skinny, and they lost the weight and inches in all the right places they actually NEEDED to lose – like belly, butt, thighs, etc. Cool. His study published in 1954 (the “bible” for HcG-ers) is entitled Pounds And Inches (note: whoever translated it from Italian and then typed it out did an incredibly crappy job. The spelling and grammar drives Wife completely batty..but I digress). Today, there are lots of HcG options including injections with needles, drops under the tongue, and a patch, and then using either “real” vs. homeopathic.(“real” HcG has to be ordered from outside the country now due to FDA issues). In a nutshell, UtahMan and Wife chose the homeopathic drops route (cheaper, no needles, and seems to work for people just as well). Here’s the thing. Doctors say there is no proof this really works as weight loss, and no scientific method can prove it works. And yet, people are losing just like Dr. Simeon’s says. Is it because of the low calories? Or, is it really doing what it says it does? From our research and reading, it seem that it’s the real thing – and we decided it’s worth going for it.

If you’re interested or just curious, the Dr. Oz show did a show devoted to it (all 5 parts are found on YouTube, this is just #1).


Tune in to more posts on our experiment with this weight loss protocol.

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