Day 1 HcG Diet How [Not] To Load

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June 15, 2012 by UtahMan&Wife


Donuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first 2-3 days of taking the HcG are called “LOADING” days where you eat as much fat as possible. [23 day protocol, load 2 days. 40+ day protocol, load 3 days] This apparently helps jump start the HcG reaction and activate the fat loss. Then you go on to the  “VLCD” = Very Low Calorie Diet phase (warning: TONS of acronyms ahead – we’ll try to just spell it out!) where you only eat 500 calories a day in specific combination of foods. Yeah, I know it sounds extreme. The idea behind it is that your body is really getting a lot more calories in your blood stream (2500-3000) due to the releasing inside of the fat.

Day 1 Stats


Height: 6’0″
Starting Weight: 249.4
BMI: 33.5


Dosage: 10 drops 3x’s per day

LOADING: Breakfast – peanut butter and jam sandwich. Later that morning I had a plate of three eggs and 1/2 pound of crisp bacon.
Lunch was two cheese burgers and a large order of fries. Midafternoon snack was a chocolate bar with toffee and almonds
Dinner was fried breaded chicken with an order of fries along with 4 mozzarella sticks, chips and cheese dip.

Thoughts: I have to admit that, at first, I was excited to be able to eat whatever, and however much I wanted, of all those fatty, “forbidden” foods that I don’t usually get to indulge in. However, by the end of the day, I felt like a bloated, beached whale and had no desire to do any activity. I just wanted to lay down. We did go for a 20 minute walk to try to settle things. I then did a detox bath (1 lb. Epson salt + 1 lb. baking soda + hottest bath water you can stand, soak 20 min.) and I slept very soundly (the best sleep I have had in a long time).


Height: 5’3″
Starting Weight: 187.2
BMI: 33.5 (yikes! UtahMan and I are tied)
Inches: A lot. We used this measuring guide
Dosage: 10 drops 3x’s per day
LOADING: You really want to know what I ate? OK, here we go:

The Bacon Cookbook

There’s a ENTIRE COOKBOOK devoted to Bacon. Seriously?!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7 am Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1/2 pound bacon, 9 am Snack: Chocolate chocolate donut with coconut 10 am Snack: Giant fried apple fritter 12 PM Lunch: Double Cheeseburger with all the toppings, and an order of Sweet Potato Fries (dipped in Mayonnaise) 2 PM Snack: Trail Mix with tons of nuts and M&Ms 5 PM Snack: 1 Apple (hooray for something healthy! By now I wanted to puke – thought an apple might help settle my stomach) 7 PM Dinner at Applebees Restaurant [I totally wanted to puke at even the sight of food by now] Somehow I found some more room to eat – 2 for 20$ meal Shared Spinach & Artichoke dip & chips and fried mozzerella sticks appetizers, 3 Cheese Chicken Pene main course. [took half home]. By now, I thought I would die! Remember, during Loading Phase you are taking the hCG drops which already start curbing your appetite and is already releasing fat calories into your blood stream, so at this point I was on calorie & fat overload. I went to bed feeling soooo ill the thought of 2 more Loading days made me cry.:(

**Side Note**: Our online support group clarified that LOADING should not be considered COMPLETE-AND-UTTER-GORGING-UNTIL-YOU-PUKE. You should actually stop when you feel “comfortably full”, and then eat some more as soon as you can reasonably eat more. Oh. Well, we had heard so many reports that if you don’t LOAD good enough you get hungry on the VLCD that we totally overdid it. The next 2 days we Shall PACE OURSELVES!

Your Turn!

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